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Typically you'd run 14/2 to the vanity, and 14/3 to the fan/light combo. In the switch box, Connect all the grounded (neutral) conductors. Connect all the grounding conductors. Connect the ungrounded (hot) conductor from the vanity to the switch. Connect one of the ungrounded (hot) conductors from the light/fan to the switch. Connect the other ...


Whilst you're specifically asking about the Uniform Building Control, I'll add this as this answers the question for people wanting to know the answer that would be compliant with UK building regulations: In the UK, utility rooms in newly built homes require either a continuous airflow of 8 litres per second, or a switchable (intermittent) fan capable of at ...


No, this is not a code requirement for laundry rooms in dwelling units (at least in the 2012 IBC). In fact, most dryers are essentially acting as exhaust fans when they run because they take air from the room and exhaust it outside.


As far as I know no active fan is required by code in laundry rooms. Most laundries vent the dryer outdoors which is sufficient to dissipate humidity from the room. Washers generate very little ambient moisture. However if you intend to vent the dryer indoors then you certainly will need some form of added ventilation to distribute the moisture across a ...

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