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Install a vapour barrier boot where your fan will go. Seal boot to existing vapour barrier. Mount fan inside boot. Cut hole like an X where elec and vent pass through. Seal holes around elec and vent with tuc tape and with accoustic sealant. Make sure vent pipe is insul wrapped


I don't disagree that replacing the fan is likely the best long-term solution, but it is possible that the fan's intermittent failure to start is due to dust. Starting up from a still position is the hardest a fan needs to "work", and dust buildup could be adding too much extra resistance on the fan rotor, preventing it from starting. You would hear a ...


The fan motor is starting to go out and needs to be replaced. I know most models you can replace just the fan motor, but the cost of the fan motor is about the same as to replace the whole unit. If you go ahead and do it yourself make sure to turn off the power to bathroom.

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