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If the timer is in the fan, it may not be possible to disable the timer without disabling the fan itself. Based on the labels (L,T,N), I would guess that L is the switched input for the light and T is a switched input that starts the timer for the fan. You can test this by disconnecting the T terminal (make sure you cap the bare wire before turning the ...


If you click on the below link for the instructions and look at page 2, Figure 4, you'll see where the bracket is located that is probably screwed to the joist, where mentioned in an answer above you'd need to saw it off if you can't reach/see the screws. http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/94/94db3ca7-a6ff-40ab-a628-e8aafcea4a07.pdf


I am assuming that new fan is bigger or same size. You have joists that this is nailed/screwed into. Try not to damage adjacent drywall. I am going to guess from this picture your joists are on the top/bottom of picture. This is because your exhaust/and electric look to be coming from the left. I would cut straight along the top and bottom (using ...


Its either attached to joist or there is brackets attached to joists. Look for screw /nail on side of box into joist. If it is brackets you will need to use a reciprocating saw can cut it out. Make sure you don't hit the wire though.

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