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Firstly check if the filters on the ERV unit need replacing, as dirty filters will reduce air flow. (Our filters need to be replaced every year and cleaned a few times a year.) Your ducts may be blocked somewhere. The outlet from the unit, to the outside may be blocked. It is likely that the inlet in the bathroom can be adjusted to allow more air flows ...


No, it's not normal at all for the new ERV's (last 15-years). The defrost sensor that's supposed to close the intake damper isn't working. It won't cause air problems for anyone, but it will rust the unit & possibly allow mold to take up residence in the unit's area & you don't want either.


Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) You may want to consider either spot ERV or whole house ERV. These devices both exhaust and intake fresh air, doing some energy exchange to reduce the impact on your air when the temperature differences between inside and outside are great. Some ERV discussions here As a spot unit, you could just run the unit in your ...

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