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Came late to the party, but just wanted to add my method (which is mostly DIY) - I have a wireless Arduino that records the temperature near a vent, sends it to the computer where it's saved in a database. There I can graph it, and (in the "near" future) be able to calculate the on/off times.


Building Air Standard (BAS) is sometimes referred to as BAS - ACH This appears to be a (I begin to think deliberately, after quite a few vague web results) slippery number to track down, but it appears to be essentially an estimation of "natural air changes per hour" based on the blower door test. Simply calling it "Estimated ACH" would apparently be too ...


Newer LEDs malfunction in the same way. I have had to re-install one incandescent in a circuit of two or more lamps. In this case all the LEDs stay on steady at a low level. When I put in an old bulb problem solved. In another case the light switches had the neon find-the-switch-in-the-dark toggles. The CFLs went crazy, and one incandescent fixed it.

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