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So, I broke down after all the verbal bashing and moved everything and was able to connect my kill-a-watt device to the OLD GE fridge and its running at a consistent rate of 300-302 Watts. So yea, I guess it's time to replace this hunk of junk for something more efficient


'ben rudgers' is right. There's no analytic solution to your question. A 35 year old fridge is unlikely to operate anywhere near its original design's parameters. You'll have to address this experimentally. Using a Kill-A-Watt would be ideal. An alternative might be to observe the power consumption of the entire house, with the fridge turned off (turn ...


Even if someone had the specifications (and that supposes that you had the model number), those specifications would be for the new-out-of-the-box performance, not after four decades of service. And given that the equipment is at least a decade older than Energy Star and more than two before it was expanded to general home appliances, the odds of those ...

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