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I have a FLIR camera. It's awesome, but it's expensive and not necessarily the best tool for detecting air leaks. An IR camera is too slow; you won't use it unless you have more dedication than most. What you want is a fog machine. Turn it on inside the house, close all the windows but one, and put a box fan in that window blowing air into the house. This ...


A FLIR (infrared) or thermal imager is still the best way; you can rent them pretty easy and cheap, even at Home Depot http://www.flir.com/homedepot/


A thermal imaging gun will show you all the hot and cold spots inside your house, but they are very expensive. What I did was I purchased a infrared thermometer gun at my local harbor freight. It cost about $15.00 Then I went around took all the temperatures throughout the house. I found in my basement the rim joists were not insulated, I also found my ...


Yes, my parents have had one of these gadgets since the 1980s: http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1273159 http://www.amazon.com/Dryer-Heat-energy-Saver-aceex12/dp/B000H5PTI6 At the time, I seem to recall that running the dryer was something like 10k BTUs, which was significant. However: new washing machines spin much faster, and ...


There are covers you can purchase, or easily make, to insulate your attic fan. The cover attaches to the bottom of the fan (inside your house) with magnets or velcro. The magnets are cosmetically more appealing, as you'll see the velcro when the insulation is not on. It's very convenient, because you don't have to climb up into your attic to remove it ...


IR point thermometers have come down a lot in price. IR imaging cameras haven't Actually, they have. The FLIR One, at $350, and the Seek Thermal, at $200, have lowered the floor on IR camera pricing significantly.


The dryer vent and the combustion vent are one and the same. If you try to use the dryer vent for heating you will have two issues, first excess moisture and second carbon monoxide. Gas dryers get their efficiency by directly venting the combustion into the damp clothes which then by the way of evaporation drastically reduces the temp of the heat. It ...

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