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First of all you don't need Cat 6 for Raspberry Pi's Cat 6 supports gigabit and the Pi only supports 100M, so I assume you are running cat 6 for future upgrades. Fundamentally your plan should work with a few caveats listed below. The Cat6 is deferentially signaled meaning it shouldn't care about having a dc power line very close and at 48V the current is ...


If you are going to spend the money on the CAT6, why not go for the PoE Switch? I found this one at Amazon, which is not that expensive and would give you what you're trying to accomplish with room to grow. Shoot, at that price I may get one myself.


This gets into efficacy/usefulness verses efficiency and the important fact that less voltage is far more stabler. If you look closely: 12V 50W energy consumption = 53 kWh/1000h 240V 50W energy consumption = 50 kWh/1000h Thus the 240V 50W is 3kWh/1000h more efficient in energy consumption. However the 240V 50W has half the life span of the 12V 12V ...


To the extent that it matters at all (and it shouldn't, because there are fire-resistant walls between the garage and any living spaces), the extra load on the air conditioning is proportional to the temperature of the garage and nothing else. The heat flow from the garage into the house is proportional to the temperature difference between the two spaces, ...

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