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IR point thermometers have come down a lot in price. IR imaging cameras haven't Actually, they have. The FLIR One, at $350, and the Seek Thermal, at $200, have lowered the floor on IR camera pricing significantly.


The dryer vent and the combustion vent are one and the same. If you try to use the dryer vent for heating you will have two issues, first excess moisture and second carbon monoxide. Gas dryers get their efficiency by directly venting the combustion into the damp clothes which then by the way of evaporation drastically reduces the temp of the heat. It ...


These devices are snake oil and would not be used even in Scandinavia where we know a good deal about insulation. Radiator heating is not based on radiation but air circulation and radiation to the back wall has practically a zero effect on energy loss. Most of the gear marketed as "energy savers" is bluff. Even the online calculators of the window ...


I would get some plastic sheeting and tape it up all around the front of the fireplace real good so no air comes through. Use good quality duct tape. You could use clear or black plastic. You could also use color plastic for special holidays. Red or Green for Christmas, Orange for the fall, pastel blue or yellow for Spring.


You can build an inexpensive "plug" for the front of the fireplace. Get some thick plywood cut just barely smaller than the opening of your fireplace. On the back of the plywood attach thick styrofoam or the foam insulation panels cut slightly bigger than the plywood. Attach a handle to the front of the plywood and paint any color you want. Stuff this ...


If you've noticed a change in performance, the coil is dirty; you've got to clean it. At the very least it's time to take the faceplate off the bottom and give it a wipe. Check the back side too, which is also guaranteed to be covered in fuzz.

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