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That thermostat is not meant to switch high voltage. You need to use a 240V thermostat. Or wire that one to switch a relay to switch the fan. A 240V t-stat would be easier. It simply wires like a light switch. To use a relay you need something like this: ...


You can use a capacitor to simulate a 3 phase supply but you will have only 75% of the power available. However your motor's windings look more like a stepper motor; for this you need a completely different power supply.


No Ted, I believe it is the dryers blower that's creating the sound. The blower pushes the hot air into the dryer. I may be hearing things but to me it sounded as if an article of clothing may be stuck inside the blower and is causing the "fluttering" noise you hear. Since you are familiar with fixing the dryer bearings, unplug the power cord and then open ...


I came up with a solution so I'm going to to go ahead and post it in case anyone else should happen upon this and find it useful.I added the 1-in, 2-out, 4-position speed switch into the diagram. The switch works by taking one input and routing it thusly:[1: (off) | 2:A | 3:B | 4:A+B] and in this way controls speed by energizing either one part, 2 parts, or ...

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