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With another clockwise fan from the same maker, I was able to reverse the direction by interchanging the yellow and black wires as some answers here indicated. The explanation as I understood is that the rewiring changes the winding with which the capacitor is in series and hence the starting direction is inverted. In 3-phase motors, each of the three ...


Here is how a furnace controls it's 2 speeds high and low, high is for cooling and fan on. Low is for the heat mode. Note the fan relay has 1 normally open and 1 normally closed switch, the fan relay is controlled by the thermostats Green circuit shown on the thermostat diagram at the left side of the diagram. Cool mode and the fan on speed is high speed ...


40 ampere breaker 8 AWG copper, or 6 AWG aluminum conductors (See National Electrical Code 2014 Table 310.15(B)(16)).


I have once made a lamp with a light dimmer enclosed in a PVC box. If you get a box and make holes for wires then wire a fan dimmer to it, you can precisely control it's speed. But make sure it is dimmable. If it doesnt say "non-dimmable" or something like that, it should be dimmable. EDIT: Since it has an integrated dimmer, it is very likely to be dimmable. ...

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