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The problem was because the RPM of the new motor was different. So it burned out quickly. Make sure to use the same RPM motor apart from the HP and Amp of the motor. It really makes the difference. the AC guy now installed the same RPM motor and it works great.


You DO NOT want a definite purpose contactor for a 3-phase motor. You need a motor starter. And a 3-phase switch like shown above is a disconnect switch. It IS NOT designed to start or control motors. Motor starters have finely tuned overloads so that if any leg drops, or the amperage goes too high on any leg, the starter will shut down the motor. 3-phase ...


What in the world made you think you could use a bilge pump to pump air to cool a computer???? There are SO many other proper options out there. A few additional muffin fans would do a MUCH better job, and you can find them that plug right into the computer harness. Even those that pop into drive slots in the back of the case/motherboard.


Bilge pumps can only pump water. They cannot be used to pump air. If they are run "dry", they will be damaged. As for the power supply, a PC power supply normally has a +12 V output. This is likely close enough to 13.6V for the pump to work (when pumping water). A laptop, or a PC power supply is not rated for enough current, you will need to buy an ...

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