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You can change your rotation by changing the input of yellow to black wire; it will change the direction of rotation.


The motor itself is usually assembled on to the shaft and housing using pressed on bearings. You won't be able to separate them without destroying the motor. Since the motor is intended to never be serviced, there's no reason to allow for them to be disassembled; doing so would only add more parts to potentially fail or loosen.


A stepper motor driver (shield, I suppose, in Arduino speak) a couple of stepper motors (if you want both functions) and a modest amount of creativity should do it. The open/close motor could be fitted with a section of rubber hose to slip onto the handle - the up/down one would need a pulley or spool (as for sewing thread) to roll the cord up.


Single phase, permanent-split-capacitor (capacitor run) motors, like your unit, are normally reversed by switching the roles of the start and run windings. Unfortunately, with the way your unit is wired, it is not possible to make the necessary wiring changes without completely disassembling the motor -- you would have to disconnect the two red wires from ...

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