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AS WE KNOW 1 TR = 3.516 KW FOR 5TR IT IS= 3.516X5 =17.58 KW CURRENT FOR 430 V SUPPLY = 17.58X1000/(1.73*430*0.9) ASSUMING pf 0.9 =17580/669.51 =26.2 AMP (APPROX)


The Intermittent "sputtering" is sign of a loss of power going into the motor windings. there is pretty much only two ways this happens, A: there is a short somewhere (plug, cable or switch) or B: the contact brushes are dead. If mild shaking of the grinder added to the sputtering, I would say its the brushes. This is an easy fix, since you just need to ...


Could be as simple as not moving air effectively when spinning the wrong way, so no load (or small load) on motor. Spin the right way, air is moved, motor slows down, work is done. Try blocking off the intake or output and see if the lack of air movement causes the fan (& motor) to speed up again.


You need to look at the wiring diagram for the motor, you may have a two or three speed motor and need to change the wire leads to the correct set for a higher speed.


I installed a new dual capacitor and the fan started spinning the wrong way, after testing the fan- common terminals ( 5 mf either way ) I reversed the terminals and now the unit is working OK, so the position of the terminals determined the direction of the fan rotation.


For what it's worth, I put in three ceiling fans when I moved in (the house already had two), and normally I barely hear motor noise from them -- the whoosh of the blades, and the occasional quiet rattle of something in the air flow, are louder. These are wired directly, using only the three-step speed control built into the fan. So I tend to agree that ...


Even with an 8' ceiling, you can use a 4" drop down pole for silence. Buy or make a cage. It can be mounted to the ceiling. It can be open on the sides for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. This would be only a bottom screen to guard the blades.


Fan motor noise is greatly amplified if the fan motor housing is fastened directly to the ceiling. Instead, using even a short 4" down pole will dramatically reduce motor noise. Without the down pole, motor noise is hard coupled to the ceiling, which then acts like a giant speaker cone. The size and composition of the connector wires has no effect on motor ...

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