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Chances are the end of your horizontal stack into the box has a lot of tabs that are holding it together. I would leave this in tact. I would remove the duct tape (that shouldn't be used for ducts) and release the two pieces of horizontal duct that are being held together with said tape. These are probably just smashed into each other and chances are you ...


Get an anemometer for $40 on the web and download the related app for your smartphone (free!) Website even has a video showing you how to use it. the app will track total cfm. the next step is determine the output of your furnace to determine leakage etc. Seal all ducts, balance your house with the main branches and enjoy!


Typically Ducts are sized for the space they are conditioning. Splitting a duct will reduce the efficiency of conditioning that space. You will need to know if the HVAC system has enough CFM Flow for the addition to begin with. Ideally it would be best to run a line direct from the main box coming from the HVAC unit. You could also increase the size of the ...


Your A/C unit on the roof should only start running if it's heat pump, and it definitely shouldn't be running at the same time as the gas furnace. I'll take a guess that your thermostat is wired incorrectly, and it's running the air conditioner and furnace at the same time.

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