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1) cost. plastic is way more than steel 2) weight. so much heavier per unit volume 3) thermal expansion and contraction, deformation, etc. 4) it is used in lab environments for fume extraction, and in exhaust for high efficiency gas appliance exhaust (for its resistance to corrosion from the combustion gases) 5) you also cannot use rigid plastic ...


Actually I think if you research high velocity A/C systems they use schedule 20 or 30 PVC for supply to 2 or 3 inch ports. The expense is probably much higher than regular HVAC methods. Every site I found wanted my information to provide a quote which means it is expensive. They advertise they install these systems in historic homes and buildings since they ...


A cheap option, is hanger strap. It's available in both metal and plastic, and in various sizes.


I like PVC strap tape. You can hang it about anywhere with about anything. It doesn't kink up like metal, and it isn't sharp.


If you don't care how it looks, just put some screw eyes in the wall above where you want the duct work to be, and loop some wire around the duct work and attach both ends to the screw eye. Quick and easy. As an aside comment, if there is a significant difference in temperatures between the air going through the duct work and the air outside, you may ...

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