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You may look into installing a vent in the furnace room if you have one next to that area. This may allow you to draw heat from the furnace room, into your finished basement area, up the stairs to the first floor and back down again. Depends on where the return is and how things are "zoned". If you do install on the drywall get as low as possible so the ...


Replace. Some say that filter media is meant to be washed and reused, but my experience is it passes ginormous amounts of dirt. If it were up to me, I would throw that away and install 2" pleated MERV 7 (or 8) disposable pleated filters. I usually purchase these from a local supply house that specializes in air filters because they will often sell any ...


The blue fibrous mats are prefilters, they can be washed and reused. What I see though, is the filters do not lay that well in the unit, but if there is something that helps them lay flat to filter the air the way it should them keep them. If they are to lay flat on their own, perhaps new ones should be gotten

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