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Your idea is exactly what I would do and I have mounted hundreds of TVs. I have mounted lots of larger / heavier TVs on drywall only with high quality anchors. Hit that one stud and it will carry the lion's share of the weight, the anchors will just keep it nice and flat. Just make sure you really hit the stud! My suggestions: Don't just trust a ...


@BrianK's suggestion is a good one. If the anchor is not spinning, you may be able to create grip within the anchor so the screw will hold. A standard approach to filling oversized screw holes in wood is to fill them with wooden toothpicks, usually coated with wood glue. Once they are dry, the hole is a bit closer to a solid piece of wood and a screw can ...


You may have to pull out the anchor, fill the hole, redrill it and install a new anchor if the first one has become too misfigured. Be careful not to overtighten. You could also get some other kind of anchors like these screw in kind that hold beter.


I must say that the "carpenter" son seems to be a bit of a non-professional if the description you gave of the installation is correct. Mounting a cantilever arm as described seems to me like it asking for trouble. Even with a smaller sized TV the cantilever arm, when extended, will put a rather large pull out force on the fasteners in the drywall. To ...

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