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You will NOT want to support your 78 1/2 inch rod from the drywall alone. Drywall fastened up to the ceiling is a pretty good challenge just holding up it's own weight then yet you trying to add 70 pounds to that. So what you want to do is to locate the support members (usually called ceiling joists) to which the drywall is attached. You would then want to ...


You almost certainly have plaster over "rock lath" which is a sort of early drywall board with holes in it for plaster to key into. Rock lathed plaster was common during that time--used as a time saving alternative to wood lath, but before taped and mudded drywall became popular. The board was 1/2", and the plaster another 1/2" or so. It's a very robust ...


You can purchase mouldings that are made out of foam. They are pre-finished and are extremely light (compared to wood) and are ideal for situations where you need to x-nail. I've used it in a basement remodel where we used steel studs.


Like iLikeDirt mentions these are the corner beads. You can screw directly into these - will just take a little longer to pierce the metal.


I would bypass the drywall and long screws and flat mount 2x4 to the brick and then attach the TV mount to the studs with 1 1/2 wood screws. You would cutaway enough drywall to achieve a flat mount. You might have to add a 1x4 overtop to get the proper flush or slightly proud mounting.

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