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The dryer vent and the combustion vent are one and the same. If you try to use the dryer vent for heating you will have two issues, first excess moisture and second carbon monoxide. Gas dryers get their efficiency by directly venting the combustion into the damp clothes which then by the way of evaporation drastically reduces the temp of the heat. It ...


According to page 4 of the LA700XS manual the washing machine's extra large load is 21.7 gallons which would translate to 2.9 cubic feet. Most online buying guides for dryers recommend getting one that is double the capacity of your washer so the clothes have room to move.


There are 2 phase that goes into your house. Each phase is 120VAC with 120 degree phase shift. The dryer and cooktop most likely require 220VAC to operate. The neutral in 220VAC plays a role just like the earth GND in a single phase 120V, which means this neutral in 220VAC does not carry current. That's why the neutral and earth GND can be connected only ...

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