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It is possible it is the dryers, but not likely. You have checked the socket for the source of the problem and it doesn't seem to be there. Next check the cord you are using and double check the wiring of the cord to the dryer.


A few things to check: Check for any obstructions Is there lint stuck in the vent? -Turn the dryer on and go outside, do you feel the air coming out? Does the flap open? If not, try and open the flap manually and visually inspect. The flap should open freely, if there is any resistance this could be part of the problem. -Disconnect the hose attached to ...


Your dryer manufacturer will have specifications for maximum vent line length, including max distances depending on type and size of vent and how many turns. It is very important that you: - use rigid rather than flexible line whenever possible - minimize elbows and turns - make it as short of a run as you can (never exceed manufacturer's max) It is not ...

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