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Yes, that's considered safe. The operating temperature of a dryer vent is not a problem for direct wood contact. Keep the vent clear and you'll have no fire. Ensure all joints are foil taped, so lint does not escape from the pipe. Should lint escape the pipe, it can build up in the wall. Use a "long sweep" elbow to make the vent easier to clean out. ...


The elbow looks good, but what happens after that seems to be a mess. Circled in red appears to be a flared adapter, which is connected to the valve using far too much dope to tell exactly what's going on. I'd assume by the large amount of dope, that it's the wrong type of fitting. Circled in orange appears to be a galvanized steel nipple, which has ...


It may be possible to convert a gas dryer to electric, but it's not practical. Instead, I'd say you have two options. Install a gas line If you have a gas supply into the home, you could have a line extended to the area near the dryer. It will cost a bit of money, but it's cheaper than trying to convert the dryer to electric. Return the dryer Unless you ...


Can you do this? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Aside from (likely multiple) code violations you will never filter the lint out and will create a dangerous situation inside the furnace plenum, aside from clogging the furnace filter probably weekly.

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