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Unless you have a written local amendment disallowing it there is no reason this would be unsafe or prohibited. I have seen and worked on many, many basements that fit this exact description. My only concern would be keeping the area clear of lint from the dryer.


As a renter, you need to know that verbal agreements are not binding in matters of real estate. In other words, inform your landlord in WRITING that the receptacle is not up to code. Make sure to communicate in writing.


You have an incorrect receptacle installed at your apartment. Some genius just replaced the existing 30A dryer receptacle with the incorrect 50A range receptacle for some reason rather than doing it right. You only real option is to get the landlord/super/etc to have the receptacle replaced with the proper 30A dryer receptacle. The cord you have on the ...


Find the maintenance manual for your drier. (It may be online from the manufacturer, or there are services which will sell you a download for a few dollars). Unplug the drier, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for opening it up. You'll probably find yourself looking at the drum, with plenty of space to drive screws back in. (You may or may not find ...


After two visits from the appliance engineer it turned out to be a combination of: a stuck widget (?)that didn't stop the collection tank at the bottom back of the machine from overflowing and the machine itself was not completely level. This is required so that the water is transported into the collection tank rather than to the front of the machine ...


Do you have the drain kit installed? It is an option available from the appliance dealer. See page 6 of this. If not, you will have to manually empty the condensate (see page 7). The dryer has only a 4.3 litre capacity (see page 55), probably not enough for more than 2 or 3 loads. If the condensate tank is empty, then consider that a clothes dryer ...

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