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If you had one of those drills with a hammer setting rather than an actual hammer drill then that would explain it. Like this one. You need an SDS hammer drill like this. Before you buy one just for a small project, see if there is a place to rent one near you. In the US, Menard's rents tools for small projects. Most rental places have them. You may have ...


FYI, I tried the same thing. I have a dw9107 charger, and the 18v battery won't fit. I modified the battery casing a little and it charged the 18v battery just fine. I don't recommend this as I'm sure isn't recommended by Dewalt! just a little personal experience. 14.4 is only 3.6v from 18 so what the heck it worked.


I have been drilling 1" diameter holes to a depth of 6" in solid granite. I have been using carbide tipped SDS MAX masonry bits in a Makita HR4013c SDS drill. These holes are drilled in 50 seconds. I am drilling the holes to prepare for splitting the rocks, using feathers and wedges. I have not tried diamond tipped bits yet, because the carbide drills ...


I'd think you could drill a hole of the desired size in a piece of scrap, clamp it where the hole in the scrap is centered on the small hole you're trying to enlarge, then drill the new hole with the hole in the scrap acting as a guide to locate the bit/hole saw.

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