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Having DIY'd a granite tile (24"x24") benchtop with undermount sink I'd say it's not that hard if you're careful and patient. As the comments above say you absolutely must use an alignment jig or similar. I had the freedom to use a drill press and I put masking tape on the stone to give a safe surface to get the last 1mm of alignment. You probably need to ...


Variant on 1) Fill the hole with epoxy, let harden, drill pilot hole in epoxy for screwed, mount the coathanger. You might want to make the original hole slightly oversize so a good ring of epoxy remains after drilling pilot holes. Using this method, the screws will be removable.


First you have to remove the chuck assembly from the drill.You have to put the drill assembly in a vise. Tighten vise around the front of the chuck first then use a large channel lock pliers around the large part of the chuck assembly, and turn counterclock wise and the bit should come out. Put the chuck assembly back on.

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