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My parents have this problem in their kitchen sink. They don't have an air gap device (though that's mainly to ensure that wastewater draining from the sink doesn't flood the dishwasher, and IME it causes more problems than it solves when you're trying to clear a blocked drain) and the drain normally runs fine, but when the dishwasher is pumping water it ...


In addition, if you do have a waste disposal unit the dishwasher drains into it in the disposal chamber so if it has any waste in it, it will prevent the disposal from draining the dishwasher properly.


This has been an ongoing problem in the bathroom sink we use the most. When I was using conventional solutions (Drano and the like) to unclog it, I just assumed that there was a bunch of hair in the drain. This was a problem every couple of weeks, though, and I hated spending so much money on toxic drain cleaners. A couple of years ago, I happened across a ...

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