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Get the washer drain piping snaked out. Have the plumber run down the vent stack for the washing machine. This should take care of your problem.


It it is a new build, then removing the trap under the sink will not be an issue. Just loosen the nuts, remove the trap (have a pan underneath) and then clean the trap. This is most likely the source of the slow draining. If the trap looks clean, then get a hand auger (snake) to clean the drain line. It is best to do this with the trap out. Hand augers ...


Yes, in most every home, multiple P traps eventually go into a single drain. The important considerations are that there is proper slope, there's a vent within a certain distance of the drain (either wet or dry), and that the drains are properly sized. What you can't have is one P trap in line with another (creating an air locked section), but two P traps ...

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