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Aquarium grade Room Temperature Vulcanizing (rtv) silicone will not harm fish life - it's what holds nearly every glass aquarium made in the last 40 years or so together. If the aqaurium in your picture is glass, it's probably glued with silicone. Read the label on the tube. Somewhere in the fine print there will, or will not be a mention of suitable for ...


Search for bulkhead fitting (and PVC if you must), just about every hardware store has them. There's plenty of examples of hacks using regular fittings as well.


The go to solution for this, is almost always a plunger. Make sure you use a toilet plunger, as it's designed to make a seal with the hole in toilets. Toilet Plunger If that doesn't work, you could try a toilet auger. Toilet Auger If the clog still persists, it might be time to pull the toilet up and have a look. If you pull up the toilet and can't ...


Yeah, you're in a spot of trouble. There's likely a nut around the flange of the waste pipe that you need to turn as you hold the drain flange in place. If it's not possible to get behind the wall where the drain is, how about from below? Crawlspace / basement / first floor? Even if you could get the threads started, you'd likely end up with leaks if ...

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