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Leaving joists between two different elements and/or two different materials without any seal is never a good idea if you ask me, especially outside. Even if everything works great it can look a bit ugly because elements could be in different slopes or slopes might be in different planes and some edge differences between elements might become visible which ...


Yes, I would seal it the best I could, otherwise some of the water would soak in between the joints. If it sloping away from the structure you should be fine.


If you can hear some noises during the stuck rinse cycle, then it would likely be that the clutch had worn. You need to replace the clutch assembly.


I believe it will fill in. My house had a 4" PVC pipe from the foundation to the septic tank, about 10 to 15 feet away. Apparently, a plumber was out probing for the pipe with a steel rod (standard tool for this), and pierced the pipe without realizing it. The pipe eventually filled in, and I had a whole lot of digging to do to fix it.

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