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For the second question you might apply some septic dye into the old pipes. But often things get into the basement any old way, and then get trapped in the sump pit, rather than entering via the sump pit. If you have a cleanout you can look into, septic dye might also address the assumption that they connect to the sanitary sewer line at all. Perfectly ...


Had the same problem in my 1998 Whirlpool. It was a broken plastic spin switch. A new one costs $50, I was told. It sits below the hole in the lower right corner of the top of the washer. That plastic finger in the lid fits in the hole and turns on the switch when lid is down. Repairer offered to wire around the switch. Now lifting the hood, won't stop ...


Raise the patio surface above the brick, or lower the brick below the patio surface. If you install any type of drain system. You'll have to either slope the surface towards the drains, or install a continuous drain. Otherwise you'll have puddles.


It can't go over without a pump of some sort (even a siphon needs energy input to start it), so if you want a passive solution it has to go through, by installing some sort of drainage pipe through that wall. Maybe more than one. Yes, this may require disassembling and reassembling the top few courses of the wall, unless you want to try drilling through a ...


I would take a 4-1/2" angle grinder with a diamond wheel and cut out the mortar between the bricks down level with the patio surface, at like 5-10 brick intervals, creating a path for the water to flow out. Then re-caulk the joint tapering the caulk at each "drain".

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