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This just happened to us today. Our top lid was a little bit warped, so the lid strike wasn't "latching", more like striking, the button at the top of the washer to signal that it was closed. I figured it out after I replaced the drainage hose and realized that it didn't fix the problem. As I was getting frustrated, I used the screw driver that I had ...


There should be a check valve on the out take pipe after the pump. This prevents water from backing up into the pump and starting the cycle all over again.


I found this great article which shows you a few ways in which you can prevent flood damage. [http://www.pumpsalesdirect.co.uk/blog/submersible-pumps-prevent-flood-damage/][1] Good luck!


Hole saw out the center and cut a pie shaped piece out with a saws all all the way to the threads but not into the threads, then with a hammer and punch knock out the pie shaped piece and remove the rest with channel lock pliers. Do it every day as a professional plumber. And if the threads are different stop at a local plumbing outfit and get a lead plug.

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