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Assuming the waste line is still at the proper angle (it does need to have slight decline or gravity won't work for you): It sounds to me as if you have an airflow problem in the vent stack. There must have been some reason you changed the connection between the drain and the waste stubout? Was something slow before that? Or was there a leak? It's ...


The holes point down, below the pipe is a 2-3 in layer of gravel that the pipe sits on. The pipe needs to drop 1/8in per foot of distance, if I'm not mistaken. 80 feet distance equals 1 in drop from the start of drain to finish (where it drains to). I'm unsure which pipe is better to use overall but I would assume solid PVC (with holes pointed down) would ...


You most likely will overflow the floor drain and damage your surrounding walls/floors.


try muriatic acid but be careful


It's un-mortared blocks. No particular effort beyond that should be required, unless it's lined with plastic that needs holes poked in it. Every joint between blocks is a drainage point.


You did the right thing running the dishwaser drain line as high as possible first. This will keep a sink full of water from filling the drain line. Now you just need to cut the drain line to the appropriate length so that it's all downhill from the high point.

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