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Simply put, moist air from anything can build up condensate. If this moist air or vented furnace vapor is exposed to freezing temperatures, eventually it will form a build up. The temperature inside has to be greater than freezing air around it, or it will build up a frosty ice cube. Pay close attention to insulating heat exchange if the furnace is not ...


Not a licensed plumber by any means but, what if he was to replace that black sideways abomination with a 4-way connector, similar to what's under it, but add a "pop valve" that would allow air into the line? Wouldn't that give him some better flow under a heavy load. Kind of bugs me that we don't see a vent pipe anywhere near that main stack.


Yes, as @TomG says, take the standpipe up - but I'll modify 18" to "as far as the ceiling or the 8 foot limit allows", that's the least expensive first approach, and if it solves it, you are done. Get it right up inbetween the floor joists. If a plumber was involved in the black Tee on the white PVC pipe at the top of the picture, the licensing board should ...


Washing machine bubble overflow can be encountered from a few different problems. A partially clogged drain or a dirty catch screen on the discharge line is a probable cause with those symptoms. If they're truly doing the SAME thing, and no I forgot to mention's come up, what else could it be but a clogged line? More often with the bubbles everywhere problem ...


HE detergents create very, very little foam. She may have switched detergent brands. Or there was a load done with a soapy car wash rag or something similar in it.

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