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Sounds like your sewer line is clogged. Call a plumber for this one, they have the long snake and the power to eat through things like tree roots.


Another significant risk is from a failure of the filler hoses; they have the potential to dump much more than 40 gallons on the floor. Even if you always shut off the water supply when the machine is not in use, there is always the risk of failure while the machine is running. The hydraulic shock of the washer's on/off valves could be the last straw for ...


Consider that a typical washing machine holds roughly 40 gallons of water. Now imagine that all gushing out onto the floor at the same time. I've never seen this happen because of a washing machine failure, but I have seen it happen when the drain line from the washing machine pulled out and it wasn't a very pretty sight. If you have the opportunity to put ...


This is forbidden by the International Plumbing Code. 2009 IPC 906.2: "Venting of fixture drains. The total fall in a fixture drain due to pipe slope shall not exceed the diameter of the fixture drain, nor shall the vent connection to a fixture drain, except for water closets, be below the weir of the trap." (Emphasis added.)


Hard to tell without seeing it, but it sound like it might be forming either a revent or a loop vent for something (maybe a floor drain in the basement?):

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