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Be aware, my situation sounds the same, same drain, same back up.same year home. Plummer here with a camera and noticed drain had no access point installed to main drain. just ground like a rain gutter. washer drains in same line so needs to be fixed due to backing up in home every wash. ( just bought home so just noticed ) cost is $3,500 to repair, will dig ...


Contact American Standard. I've seen images online that show they have tubs with this type of overflow. They should be able to advise you. Also it looks as if you don't have any caulking around the edge of the tile joining the bathtub. It would be a really good idea to run some silicone caulking around that edge. Make sure it's silicone and you can get it in ...


Yes. RV antifreeze (propylene glycol) is also said to work well. Anything that doesn't evaporate, doesn't rot, and isn't damaging to the plumbing or the environment will do. You could also stop them with rubber mats, test plugs, or rags, as appropriate.


Regarding 'bioslime' in the bathroom overflow hole, I was grossed out. Tried hot water, vinegar/baking soda combination and then, finding no solution, used a paper towel to draw out as much gunk as I could and poured straight peroxide in and let it foam and work overnight. Clean as a whistle now!


This is most likely connected to your house roof down pipe. Should be able to find out if your roof down pipes are not connected to drainage they likely go down the side of your house and enter the ground; probably a small water trap made from cement at the side of your house. The water trap will have a drainage pipe similar to phot you have shown running ...


It's an NDS Pro pop-up drainage emitter I took the approach of noticing the acronym on the cap, figuring out what company it was and seeing which of their products match.


This could be part of a larger yard drainage system. It could let water from the screened end of the pipe drain out into some buried drain field. It could also drain onto a deep buried french drain construction consisting of a sizeable hole that was filled with crushed rock or similar. The fact that the part of the pipe that has the screen is working its ...


Looks like a rain gutter or sump pump outlet. Place a noisy device directed into it and walk around and listen. You could probably bury the white pipe and just leave the grille exposed, flush with the lawn.

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