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The guy who plumbed this probably goes out for beer with the guy who plumbed our double-wide. :) I learned the hard way, by repairing previous work here, that you can't have too many vents. Where to put them though? Your drop from the tub to the P doesn't have a lot of space. I can also appreciate not running horizontal below the "flood level." So, I'd ...


yes you do. even if you drain it, its going to get water lying in low spots. that will rupture the line if it freezes. just make sure you slope it 1" in 4 ft to where you are going to drain it. that way it will have no water in it come freeze up. you can just mount it with stood off pex clamps


The water in the wash tub will drain out if the drain in the wall is lower than the water level in the washing machine. Simple physics, water seeks its own level. The drain located at the recommended height will allow the water to remain and allow the pump to remove the water at the end of the cycle.


If the PVC drain indicates the age of the plumbing and the house, or at least when the slab was installed, there should be a layer of poly acting as a moisture barrier in between the concrete and gravel. Aside from that, all you need is to add the original gravel back into the hole and repair the vapor barrier and finish off the fill with a bag or two of ...


Sounds like you need to install a new P-trap. Cut it off past the trap and then re-plumb in the correct spot. You may be able to use the old P-trap depending on where you need to cut, how it's glued, etc, but without a picture that's impossible to judge. Be sure when you cut it that you'll be able to get a new fitting on the end, that usually means at least ...


You definitely need a standpipe with a trap. Plumbing code requires 2" pipe for this. The floor drain would be optional. There is no requirement for it in the plumbing code. It would however be convenient for overflow problems and cleanup. I recently talked to a workmate at the box store though, and he was having to make a lot of repairs because his ...


You will need a standpipe for the washer to drain into, and a floor drain. You will also want to make sure the finished floor slopes slightly towards the drain. The standpipe should be obvious - if you don't have that the washer will just shoot water out the back when it drains. Make sure it is vented properly. You need the floor drain for when the ...


Sounds like it will be a lot cheaper and easier to create a drain field in your grassy area. Good luck!

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