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The guy who plumbed this probably goes out for beer with the guy who plumbed our double-wide. :) I learned the hard way, by repairing previous work here, that you can't have too many vents. Where to put them though? Your drop from the tub to the P doesn't have a lot of space. I can also appreciate not running horizontal below the "flood level." So, I'd ...


First check and easiest solution--if you haven't used the tub in awhile, the trap may be empty, simply run some water in the tub down the drain and then flush the toilet and see if the gurgling is gone!


I am not a plumber but I think your plan is just fine according to these tables: A 3" pipe is plenty for the number of DFU's in your stack and horizontal run. The 2" vents on the sinks are probably even ...

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