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This is forbidden by the International Plumbing Code. 2009 IPC 906.2: "Venting of fixture drains. The total fall in a fixture drain due to pipe slope shall not exceed the diameter of the fixture drain, nor shall the vent connection to a fixture drain, except for water closets, be below the weir of the trap." (Emphasis added.)


Around here the answer would be no. Our plumbing inspectors won't pass drain installations where a connection to a common drain line comes before the vent. The one exception would be the toilet, which can be wet vented to another fixture. The problem is that the air admittance valve is too small to vent the toilet, and the height of the toilet trap is above ...


Rather than take any chances on sewer gasses being pulled into your home I would extend the pipe to be above the roof line. You can then prep the surface of said pipe and paint it so it will not be "ugly". One paint idea is to use a color that is so similar to the wall color that you do not see the pipe from a distance. The other idea is to paint in a ...


Other codes may vary, but according to the 2012 International Residential and International Plumbing Code: P3103.5 Location of vent terminal. An open vent terminal from a drainage system shall not be located less than 4 feet (1219 mm) directly beneath any door, openable window, or other air intake opening of the building or of an adjacent building, ...


I attached 12" plus or minus of electrical copper wire to my drain plug. Copper kills the bacteria. I have not had a problem since, and it has been 4 years.

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