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It CAN be done internally. Genova makes a very clever little diaphragm vent that glues right into PVC drain/soil pipe. It should not be installed in an inaccessible location, since it may possibly need periodic maintenance and if it fails, you wouldn't want a methane buildup inside your walls or anywhere else in the house... so it must be exposed.


I am assuming Chinese plumbing works the same as most other. In such case, the only place in common to the sink, shower, and toilet is somewhere past the last one. You might check with neighbors to see if they are having any problem. If they started having trouble when you did, the block is downstream of them too, in which case a longer auger is called ...


If the auger doesn't work, try plunging. Block the sink and shower drains and plunge the toilet.


They make washer/dryer combo's that are designed for under counter installs. They are about the size of a dishwasher and are vent-less (they condense the damp air and use the drain). I'm not sure how they connect the drain as I have never personally seen one.

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