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All you need is a trap on both paths like the one you have coming from the dishwasher/washing machine The trap fills with water and stops draughts although in excessively windy conditions its still possible for very strong winds to force their way through a water trap but normally there wont be enough pressure I wouldn't personally suggest swapping the ...


While I agree that this was assembled backwards I think the apparent lack of a vent is acceptable here. It looks like it basically goes through the wall and then into that box outside--so long as it's close enough to the sink that would suffice for venting.


You don't have a trap seal, to prevent air from moving through the drain. Only the dishwasher is draining through the trap, so there's no trap to prevent air from coming up the drain. you'll have to fix the plumbing, so that both the sink and dishwasher use the trap. Instead, the plumbing should look more like this... Use a tailpiece like this, off ...


An easy test would be to cut a panel out of some junk styrofoam, that would go under the black grate, and block up but not tightly seal, the tub that the white pipes drop into. It's free and easy to work with, and if such a block cuts down on the wind problem, you can then make something more permanent and better looking.


Most drains (in the US) vent thru a vertical pipe which prevents sewer gas from accumulating in the structure (home,apartment,etc) Part of that system should include a trap (usually a J or S shaped piece of pipe which holds a small quantity of water which prevent air or gasses from passing back into the room from the sink or toilet. If that trap was not ...


You could put a cover over the drain box but when you do so it has to allow for free air flow so the isolation afforded by that air gap drain box still functions properly. If I was making the cover it would have a baffle design with a double wall construction. See figure below: The inner wall of the baffle cover would sit on the ground or maybe even set ...

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