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Your instincts are right. Bumping out the lower hinge just a bit should raise the lock mechanism a bit and may allow it to properly engage the strikeplate. You also get the risk of messing with well functioning hinges. It may cause the door to self-swing (or even bind at the top or sides). But the test is easy. Slightly loosen the lower hinge screws on the ...


I would have to agree with @Jack that this is likely possible (and also that you've want a qualified fabricator). However, I wouldn't risk doing this without consulting an engineer and this is why: Counter-weight system: Lets assume that just for the sake of argument that the door itself (the side labeled "B") weighs 300 pounds (metal, tile, thinset, ...


If I understand correctly, it is probably just a pressure fit. You should be able to pry it so it comes straight out the edge of the door from where the cylinder sits. This picture is just of a normal doorknob, but same principle applies.


Your idea is possible. It will take as you may know already, a custom metal fabricator who is certified, to build to insure all welds will hold up under the weight of the assembly, since it will weigh hundreds of pounds. Using aluminum to make the base, sealed bearings in proper housings for the pivots. Counterbalance filled with lead to ease its operation, ...


I used seals around the inside of the door frame were the door closes on the frame. And at the bottom of the door I installed a rubber door sweep to cut down on the air gaps. And it cut back on about 40 per cent. It cost me around $15.00. To do this. And it works. And for the seal around the inside frame it comes in white or black. It looks good on a ...


It's time to take photographs, measurements, and contact the association. Take measurements periodically. Check other windows & doors for similar problems, and ask your downstairs neighbors about the same. The HA needs to get to the bottom of this, and only they can do it.


Easy fix AND very permanent would be using a longer screw in one or two holes or the stripped holes. Fine thread #8 3" long with Phillips head. Drive through Hinge hole completely through jamb into the framing. Do not over tighten paint screw head to match if necessary.

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