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If you are having a hard time finding the strikes that do not have the rectangular plate, many latchset makers have the round ones like you have in the box with the others. Seems to me that they make the bolts or latch fit into any situation. According to one of the manufacturers the type of bolt you are looking for is called a "drive-in" latch Or as ...


Fortis is a schlage product. go onto their web site and you might find what you are looking for. but most schlage products the parts are interchangeable so you can buy new locks and just reuse the latches.


This looks to be like a schlange or kwikset lockset commonly found at Home Depot. You can easily re-cylinder this, but it isn't obvious how to get the lock off. My solution was as follows: Rotate the lever to the vertical position. There will be two screws hidden under it. Remove them, and separate the lock into two halves. The lock-half has a cover on ...


You could try a steam iron over a linen cloth it works on dents on solid wood. I appears on the picture your dent might be a break in the wood. Give the steam a try.


You could glue/tape the panels to a sheet of tempered hardboard (ie, Masonite®) or thin plywood and mount that to the door. Properly sized, your grid method should also work, and might look nicer.


Longer screws in old houses won't work, you will just hit plaster. Pull casing, cut out bad, new block of wood to fill cut out, longer piece slid behind new piece between jamb and stud creating overlap on top and bottom.


For a temporary, low-cost, low-hassle solution, you could just put a towel down in front of the door to block the draft. That's what we always did in my house as a kid.

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