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I would replace all the old framing that is split up like that. The header at the top of the opening also looks to be in pretty poor shape. From this so far it seems like a complete reframing is in order.


Now that I've seen the photos, it's clear to me that at least the jack studs should be replaced; fortunately, their replacement should be fairly easy. The one on the latch side could be replaced by a 4x4, but it should have a tiny "sill plate" attached to half its bottom end with contruction adhesive because otherwise it'll overhang the existing sill plate. ...


That looks to my eye - right or wrong - like a vinyl (PVC) frame, so I think you may be able to get PVC cement to work OK there. You may need to do a bunch of trimming after the cement has set up to get it back to something approximating flat & straight, though. If you don't still have the missing piece(s), you may be able to reconstruct with plastic ...


I personally do not think a PVC cement will give satisfactory results. I would probably: 1) find a thin gauge aluminum channel that fits over the broken frame, deep enough to cover the gouge, spray paint it to match, and silicone it down over the length of the frame. Or, 2) use automotive body filler, plane and sand to blend, than spray prime and paint the ...

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