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Since you say Closet doors, it may be that the hinges are adjustable If you see hinges like that, then the large screw at the end of the hinge is adjustable, clockwise to go out, anti-clockwise to go in. Your doors may be chipboard and would not take kindly to plaining.


This might be a matter of tightening/loosening screws. Check out this post - http://www.prettyhandygirl.com/fixing-common-door-problems/: The easiest adjustments you can make on a door is to tighten or loosen the hinge screws. On my closet door (shown above) I loosened the top hinge screws to increase the gap and tightened the bottom hinge screws ...


Longer screws in old houses won't work, you will just hit plaster. Pull casing, cut out bad, new block of wood to fill cut out, longer piece slid behind new piece between jamb and stud creating overlap on top and bottom.


Get narrow weather seal and put it on the door jamb so the door never touches the wood.

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