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Latex paint is water soluble and non-toxic. You can dilute with water and pour it down the drain. Alternatively you can just throw it out in the trash.


Open the lid and let it dry out. Place it out of the way somewhere where rainwater will not cause it to overflow. Throw it out in a few weeks when it is mostly dried up. Do not worry about VOCs, this is an acceptable method of disposal.


What I have done on several occasions is to pour unwanted latex paint out on a sheet of plastic in the sun. spread it out so there are no deep puddles. After it dries, simply fold up the plastic and dispose as any other solid waste. After the can is dry, it also can go into recycling or the trash.


I picked up a leaflet on paint re-use at the local B&Q (UK DIY store) the other day. If you can't give it to a community re-use scheme they say stir in sawdust/wood shavings/a proprietary paint-setting product (similar to cat litter). The set (emulsion/latex) paint can then be disposed of as normal waste and if you empty the tin in the process that may ...


Check out paintcare.org and see if that helps.


I'd try the craigslist free section before I tried actually disposing of it.


Look to see if your municipality has a home hazardous waste disposal. I have in a large metro area and they have multiple locations and open Tue-Sat. I've been in another where they were only open once a month. But it is a good location to dispose of batteries, paint, meds and other chemicals I don't need around the home.


The municipalities just don't want it liquid or with the lid on. Imagine a paint can full of paint when the compactor squishes down on it. Paint everywhere! You can put whatever you want in the paint to make it more solid. Kitty litter, the store bought stuff drying agent, sand. I have used some old mortar that I had on hand. You just want to make sure ...

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