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You won't be able to cover the bass with anything you put up, short of a wall. Depending on how loud it gets the vibrations of heavy bass are deep enough to where it can be heard inside through many walls. Best bet, ask them to lower the volume/bass or call the law enforcement to have them turn it down.


What about an automatic grigri, something like this: It uses a magnetic system and I've used them at climbing gyms and such.


If there's enough headroom above the basement stairs, I would consider building a staircase over the existing basement stairs. Then you get to pick a height that works for all directions. You could also make the stairs without risers and increase the overlap on the treads, almost turning them in to a ladder. This is the way stairs on Navy ships are ...


Here's your best bet: Build a landing outside the door basically where the current top level is, but shift it a bit to come out at a 45 from the corner to the right of the door (where the exposed stud is). This gives you more clearance when you're carrying groceries in through the door. Bring one conventional step down to the left, square with the wall. ...

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