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I decided to go the route of getting the metal tube gates and possibly mounting the wood touches to it for the looks. I came to this conclusion for multiple reason; After running the costs of building the entire gate out of wood, surprisingly it comes out to almost the same as just buying the tube gates. My local farm store, where I bought the gates from, ...


If you were my client and I was taking money for your project, I'd put wood on a metal substructure, have wheels on the ends, and make sure the posts were extremely well stuck in the ground. (You might be able to skimp a little on the post as long as the wheels are in contact with the ground at all points in the arc, but the other two points would be non-...


Interesting design. A google search on the image leads to The Four Leaf Clover Coffee Table which includes the image It looks like the "X"s use half-lap joints, then maybe matching slots in each X.

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