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I havent installed but have seen them they have a special remote that has a reciever in the lighting device (switch) you can program the remote for different settings like when you stop a movie lights on full, pause at 50% play at 25% will look arround and see if i can find some brands for you to check out


We really need to see a photo of the house to make specific suggestions. Here's one that would lead to a more modern look. The idea is to frame out a 'level' frame with the roof inside it. From the ground, it appears to be a horizontal awning and you can clad it any way you see fit. Here's a crude ascii sketch showing a side-view cutaway: ...


One of my business partners is a roofing and gutter company in Eastern NC. It varies, but code requires a membrane roof on a .25/12 pitch and I have seen a number of houses around here with a small covered entry like what you describe with a EPDM (black rubber membrane) roof. Typically it will be trimmed with a metal edge band and doesn't look bad at all. ...


Best way to improve looks is to rebuild it so that the roof has a real slope to match other parts of the house 4/12, 5/12 6/12 etc. To get that slope tie the rafters up higher on the side wall of the upper level or merge into the upper roof. Then roof this with roofing to match the rest of the house. Nearly flat roofs with corrugated plastic / fiber glass ...

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