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Just rotating the cam locks should allow you to remove the top, they don't have to be pulled out to release the cam-lock post on the top.. You could use a thin slotted screwdriver to rotate them even though they are blocked from removal. Then take off the top and when you put it back together make sure you do not make the same mistake.


A lot of people are doing the same thing here in the South- Western part of the States (mostly because of the drought). But it sounds like you have the plan (man). Be ready to deal with the embedded cage of re-bar. The hydraulic bobcat hammer is the apex demo tool to bust concrete, but you'll have to cut some tenacious 1/2 inch rebar (reciprocating saw, ...


Sounds like you have a vinyl pool. The walls are most likely aluminum, but might be some type of polymer - though that is unlikely as its relatively new and expensive. The aluminum walls are bolted together. The base of the walls where the A or X frames are should be concrete, probably 6-12" deep. So to remove them, you'd first have to dig down to the ...


I'd personally be surprised if they were steel, but a magnet should be handy for verifying that they are not (or are.) If you are in full destructo-mindset and not going to change your mind over the winter, drilling hole(s) and looking at what comes out of the drilled hole (and what you see looking in the drilled hole) can also be very diagnostic. If, as ...

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