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You'd be amazed how easily a bit of heat helps. Try a paint stripping heat gun and treat the tiles as if they were paint. Depends on the adhesive, but it might be the easy way to get them off.


With these types of tiles you do not want them to break as they are harder to demo when they are in bits and shards. If you try to use a scraper (even power) what inevitably ends up happening is the top of the tile comes off, leaving the much harder to remove bottom on. Also this method severely damages the subfloor, sometimes to the point that you will ...


Step one, which I hope you are already doing - put on a pair of safety glasses. You may also want earplugs, and gloves. Use a masonry chisel (nearly parallel to the floor) to get under it and lift it up. You can also drive it into the grout joints, but if you already have a few tiles out, driving under the remaining ones from the area where some are removed ...


Is there at least room for a hammer drill that would allow you to drill smallish holes in the concrete, and then use stone-splitting wedges to break it up? This would work if it's pure masonry, but not if there's any steel rebar in the concrete. If it's reinforced (do you see any steel ends in the cut surface in the attic?), then I can't think of any easy ...


My home has a mix of 1/2 and 5/8 drywall on the ceiling and it is completely related to the spacing of the ceiling joists. If they are 16 on center, the builder used 1/2. If they are wider than 16, then they used 5/8. The 5/8 will prevent sagging between wider ceiling joists.

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