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In the installation instructions for water heaters that I could find, they all say that this "parking block" is required. Installation, Operation, AND service Manual for Residential Storage Type Gas Water Heaters THIS WATER HEATER MUST BE LOCATED OR PROTECTED TO AVOID PHYSICAL DAMAGE BY VEHICLES OR FLOODING. Installation Instructions and Use ...


A $20, 20oz, full metal tang, rip hammer. Preferably from a company ending in wing. Make a hole in a wall, flip it over and insert it, pull. No cutting wires or pipes in the walls with a recirc saw. A legitimate respirator helps not only with real plaster dust, but also when the lath comes and tries to hit you in the face. Stick a 2x4 or a length of pipe ...


Assuming you plan to live in the house while this is going on, you should seriously look at the plastic "curtain" products which can be used to isolate the construction zone. They can tremendously reduce how much dust gets into the rest of the house. Speaking of dust, a serious dust mask (one that achieves a good seal against the face rather than the cheap ...


A recip saw is a great tool. I'd also pick up a shop vac if you don't have one. Demoing plaster walls is a hard and messy job. I'd use the side of the sledge against the wall; that breaks the front of the plaster off of the lath, and you can then remove it and follow by removing the lath.

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