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The best support for that 10 foot tall, 2 ton (4,000 pound) column of bricks would be a column of bricks underneath it all the way down to the foundation. Wait, you already have one of those... ;-)


It is 'thinkable' in my opinion, BUT!... There are (among others, already pointed out) reasons to not to do so. Let me bullet this: brick weights a lot - try to compute it (well, I know that You cannotcompute ;) but at least, try to do so), so it needs a good, solid support - that makes another issues: computing the support (civil engineer ...


Have you the faintest clue what 10 feet of chimney weighs? "reinforce here" to WHAT exactly, that's going to hold up 10 feet of bricks? This is a bad, terrible unthinkable idea. Take it down from the top, or hire somone else to take it down from the top, or far enough from the top that you feel comfortable working on it. Don't kill yourself, or someone ...

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