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Are you asking whether a 2x5" joist will span 15 feet (3m)? No. It'll be a trampoline. (Or yes, but it'll be a trampoline.) Here are your options as I see them: Go with your original plan and lay it on the soil. Then you'll have critical intermediate support even with loose soil. Worst-case scenario it settles into the soil and ends up lower then it ...


it would be wise to pour either one contiguous slab of concrete or individual pads of concrete under the supports (leveled, of course). This will eliminate the worry of soil type


He's probably right, but you should have someone check it in about 6 months... any painter worth his salt will tell you if it's too soon. This appears to be similar to How long should I wait before painting or staining pressure-treated wood?


I'm not sure what preservative-treated means. [Edit: lower in the page it specifically reads "pressure-treated".] Around here, pressure-treated lumber is soaking wet and not suitable for stain/sealer until it's dried at least an entire season. If it's truly kiln-dried, you're free to apply a stain/sealer at any time. To preserve color and prevent surface ...

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