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I would paint after the rain and make sure there is a tarp over the deck before it rains. You need the manufacturer's guidelines but two simple rules to painting outside is not touching a damp surface - and it can take a few days for a deck to dry out and not painting within 48 hours of rain forecast. At 24 hours after painting you could tarp the deck but ...


wheather has great influence on painting, if you have to paint on a rainy day, then you must keep your room dry to protect the painting.


Select (or go buy) a cheap chisel - you don't want to do this with a nice one. Wear safety glasses, the plastic is probably brittle with age and sun exposure. You might want ot experiment with pouring boiling water into the hole first, to see if it makes this process easier - depending on plastic type, it may. Set the chisel on the plastic, next to the ...

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