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If the lockset in your bathroom is like the ones in the example picture, you should be able to remove the metal coverplate on the outside. There should be 4 slotted screws holding it on. From there, you should have access to the lock itself. There should be a hole in the door that allows you to open the door from the outside. It would be difficult to know ...


Modern mortise locksets for bathrooms usually have a deadbolt release on the outside, opposite the deadbolt knob (or thumbturn) in the inside. The release is intended to be operated using a coin or screwdriver. Your lockset presumably lacks this external release feature. However it is likely that the lock body itself has openings on both sides for the ...


There are contraptions that can unlock something like that by going under the door, but they are complicated and difficult to operate. You would be spending days trying to figure out how to get it to work. By far your easiest option will be to go in the window.

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