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Also if this hasn't been pointed out: You'll be using a hole saw bit so you need to have the pilot bit drilled into a solid piece of wood before the hole saw bit can begin cutting. Clamp a solid piece of plywood to the opposite side from which you will begin drilling so as to keep the hole saw from wobbling.


It's a metal door, so I wouldn't be concerned about it spalling out the other side; so yes, go through in one shot (same as a wood door: don't push too hard while finishing the cut coming out the other side). If it does spall a little, peen it back flush with a hammer. It's better than the chance of miss-aligning it (then what?).


For this scenario, since it's a hollow core door, I'd get your plywood templates aligned on the outside, and drill in from each side of the door. If you had a solid core door, I'd worry about not being aligned from each side and suggest holding the drill perfectly level and going all the way through from one side only.

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