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According to International Residential Code, the maximum diameter of a bored hole in sawn lumber is 1/3 the depth of the board. See this answer for more details. A 2x8 joist has a depth 7ΒΌ", so maximum hole diameter would be 2 13/32" (7.25" / 3 = 2.41667").


There's a decent probability that this won't work due to voltage drop from the power adapter, and not through interference: Voltage Drop Calculator A 15m run using 22AWG wires yields a voltage of 8 at the range extender. This may or may not be sufficient to power the extender. Power over Ethernet devices typically use 48v to minimize the voltage drop. ...


You can run a cable next to your CAT cable. You just cant really use the twisted pairs inside the cat cable, unless you are using PoE devices, which deal with the interfierence. The problem is that the twisted pairs cause an electromagnetic field in the cable which is NOT part of the cable causing issues. Running low voltage, even high voltage with a ...


That won't cause any problems, but I would consider a PoE Wireless Access Point rather than a range extender. All range extenders cut your throughput in half and significantly increase latency.

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