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I would consider putting this type of box at the soffit where the outside wall meets the roof and drill at an angle into the attic space assuming your attic is accessible. Then fish the interior wall. You could also use PVC conduit which is paintable and strap it good as it will warp.


Most current US building codes require filling all holes that penetrate floors with fireblock foam. Building inspectors routinely look for it. The purpose is to slow down the spread of fire from floor to floor, similar to the firebreak blocking required in many jurisdictions in every stud bay in framed walls. This would preclude leaving pull holes and ...


If you don't run conduit, you won't be able to pull wires with a pull string going through holes in studs anyway. So you might as well firestop them (or run conduit and firestop around the outside of it.)


Apparently, you should: use a wall grommet on the inside (like the one you have in the picture) use a Roman nose on the outside with a drip loop to prevent water draining into the house


Cable Rating Plenum rated cable is only necessary for a space, usually above a ceiling or below a floor, that can serve as a receiving chamber for air that has been heated or cooled to be distributed to inhabited areas. You should be fine with riser rated cable unless you're pulling it through an area that is designed as an air return or supply. ...

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