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None if done right. The entire reason for twisted pair cabling and differential signaling is to get a clean signal through a noisy environment. A bad install is going to result in an inconsistent low performance link. The good news is it isn't rocket science so just take your time and go slow. Yes power lines can add noise and you want to cross at 90 ...


Wires that run perpendicular to each other will couple little or no signal between them, by basic physics. Parallel might be more of an issue, but as others have noted you'll probably never notice an occasional missed packet.


Darn near none. Even less if you do it right and run conduit so you can replace it when you can't live without Cat9, or 12 pair fiber, or whatever everyone will have in 5 years. The whole point of the fancy-pants wire is that it is, in fact, resistant to interference pickup, in places a lot more challenging than your house. Though I hardly see the point of ...


An network alternative to ethernet or powerline is MoCA using the cable coax that already exists in many homes. Also you could go wireless A1C modems, faster than G or N. Ethernet is the best option but MOCA works well and is fast enough to stream videos/movies. Powerline is great for data and networking, but interference can occur for streaming movies.

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