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In my state anyone has the right so cut vertically to the sky anything that extends over the property line. They may do that at their expense. And, if your tree were to fall over on your neighbor's car, your neighbor's comprehensive coverage on his car, if he has any, would cover that. Go figure.


It is almost certain your tree has very little to do with the condition of your neighbor's home. A couple of things to keep in mind however: Your tree ceases being your tree when it crosses the property line [in the US]. You are neither responsible for trimming that portion of your tree nor can you prevent your neighbor from trimming right up to the line ...


Wood rots because of moisture, not the absence of light. And even when it does (dry rot) that's because of a fungus and fungi like a lot more dark than a few hours of shade a day. The deck was made out of a non-exterior grade wood, it was doomed from the beginning. Your tree might have played a small role in its demise in so far as the shade inhibited the ...


Wood rots, period. His deck would rot eventually with or without your tree. It's impossible to say with any certainty that your tree contributed directly to it. Maintenance, humidity, rodents, etc. are all contributing factors.


If it were sunnier on his deck, he may have less rot as the dew would dry more quickly and completely. Will removing the tree eliminate the issue? Probably not completely given how crowded things look. You're certainly not obliged to remove things that block sun from your neighbors property, however. Your house might also qualify as a sun-blocker, but I ...

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