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Given that you have a normal size sink you can get up to 48" pieces for less than $100 and sometimes as little as $40-50 for a smaller top. You aren't going to be happy paying money (you buying materials is $40) and then seeing that the granite with deformations and epoxy lines. (craigslist has many people selling leftover granite sink tops)


That's no granite I've ever seen. Stone, sure, granite, I doubt. Oh - those are not YOUR countertop. OK. Find and Save all the chunks. Don't know, probably not a lot, other than the charge to make it worthwhile to even show up at your house. Perhaps less if you demount it and bring it to them. I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them if they do, ...


you can use office chair casters for hardwood floors, they are made of a soft Polyurethane material and they protect the wood floors, any ways I recommend to clean them every few weeks because the dust stick to the rubber and that can produce scratches on the floor. A good brand that I use and I am very happy with is Katu casters, check them on Google.


This problem is termed as concrete spalling. You can fix it without replacing the entire driveway. Before you begin it’s important to power wash the surface. Use a stiff broom to brush the entire surface. Shop for a cleaner concentrate easily available at a hardware store. Next, inject your concrete into the injection hole. You must not go over 40 psi. If ...

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