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Why are you using a router? Does your microwave overlap the edges? If so, I'd use a jigsaw, seems to me to be much easier set up.


I'm assuming you mean want to expand the rectangular front cut out, and not some other hole. I think most hand-held routers would do the job. There is no need for a plunge feature in this operation, but you will want to guide the router along a straight edge to do a good job. My first choice would be downward spiral ΒΌ" straight bit, to eject the wood chips ...


Straightly has entirely to do with your fence/guide, and there are many ways to do that. You can fence the baseplate, use collars and fence those, or use bearing bits and fence those - it's just a matter of offset from the cut line. Cleanly is trickier, and depends on where you need clean. Solid wood trim would allow you to cover your sins, while trying to ...


The only problem with a router would be in the corners they will be rounded not totally square. A very small straight bit would give the smallest Chamfer (non square). This last fathers day my wife bought me this set of router bits I thought oh boy how long are these going to last I usually spend 15-20 per bit. The ones I have used have worked well, I ...

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