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It could not be dirt at all. If you see discoloration on your insulation that could indicate a high amount of airflow through the space over time.


Subterranean termites build mud tunnels from dirt that they bring up from the ground. Tunnels going from crawlspace to attic is common. Most termite guys will destroy the tunnels after treating the area and not bother to clean up the dirt. Not saying this is the source (I'm not a termite inspector) but something to consider


A couple of thoughts... If there are holes in the ceiling of the second floor then air can be flowing up into the attic. Over years this can create a fair amount of dirt/dust. If you have an automatic fan to ventilate the attic this could be pulling dirty air into the attic through the soffits. Sounds like you do not, but suggesting... It may not be ...


I can think of three reasons. Dust, like you mentioned, but coming from anywhere (e.g. soffit vents), not just the crawlspace Debris from the the last roofing. Termite turds. Look up pictures of termite pellets. Is like dust? Sandy? Gravelly?

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