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Polyurethane caulking works but you will find that sometimes you see that through paint.


I find that a urethane caulk works wonders in cases like this. It bonds like no other caulk I've used, can be had in a huge variety of custom colors, doesn't shrink much, remains very flexible, and is paintable. I'm most familiar with OSI Quad. Be warned, it's extremely sticky--you won't get it off your clothes, and you'll have to wear it off your skin. It ...


This isn't a stellar answer because there's more information needed. But here's a start. First, your roof system is built with trusses, so the forces acting on the wood behave a little differently than classic stick framing. (For instance, some members are in tension; others are in compression.) In picture #1, the crack: it's not clear to me what function ...

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