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Hairline cracks are not a problem. If they get to 1/4" at any point, then you probably need to have an engineer give it a look over. However, not sure if radon gas is a problem in your area, but cracks in the basement will let radon gas seep in, so it would be worth your time and the money to purchase a radon gas detector. You could probably call your ...


Welcome to crap construction in the 21st century, where nobody gets basements, just footings, and those that do get basements get 4" slabs on sand often above the frost line. Whether water comes in is a function of the water table in your area and whether you have proper drainage on your property. There is nothing you can do except install a sump pump. ...


Concrete slabs crack. Period. For this reason, "control joints" are often cut or tooled into slabs where aesthetics are a concern. They encourage cracks to occur along straight lines where they create less of a visual blemish and can better be accommodated by expansion joints in rigid flooring. In your case, it's not likely a concern.

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