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Cracks where the walls meet the ceiling are quite common and can be caused by a number of things including thermal expansion of the timbers, moisture and even vibrations caused by normal occupancy. Consider the seam between two sheets of drywall in-plane on the wall. Expansion of the structure is not likely to split this seam because the timbers expand ...


You indicate that you have been in a drought since October. Combine cooler weather, better insulated roof, and heat being on; the structural framing of the house may have shrunk. I experience some "seasonal" cracking and shrinkage in my home. See what it looks like in July/August, if the condition persists, consult a local experienced contractor.


Across most of them, we've had these cracks/separations start to appear It looks like typical shrinkage cracks to me. It looks to me like the carpenter/installer chamfered some beading to cover the join between the two windows. If so, I'd break the beading free of both frames, clean up the paint on the edges, re-seat it and re-paint. I'd check the ...


Silicone should NEVER be used on painted trim. The separation that I see here can either be seasonal movement, as in the trim was installed in the summer and now it is winter where the moisture content of the wood is much less, therefore making it shrink. It also could have been installed with too high of a moisture content to begin with and the loss of ...


You don't fill in the gap between drywall in brick. Caulk, mud, plaster, whatever will not keep this area from having problems. I have done tons of drywall to brick and there is simply a small gap there. Anything else doesn't look right. I have also seen small t-molding placed there and it looks... OK but not right. I have seen caulk and it just ...


Just a caulk might not fix your problem....Crack might appear next winter. You should use tape specially designed for dry wall joints it looks like this: After that you can paint the wall. Of course, you use this tape with caulk like products, specially for this purpose (knauf-fugenfuller etc.)

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