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Hire a competent finish carpenter to remove the trim. Then proceed as "everything you read says" - remove laminate and apply backerboard. 1946 trim is probably better-quality wood than anything you can buy today, and it won't have been glued on with polyurethane either...


Given that you have a normal size sink you can get up to 48" pieces for less than $100 and sometimes as little as $40-50 for a smaller top. You aren't going to be happy paying money (you buying materials is $40) and then seeing that the granite with deformations and epoxy lines. (craigslist has many people selling leftover granite sink tops)


That's no granite I've ever seen. Stone, sure, granite, I doubt. Oh - those are not YOUR countertop. OK. Find and Save all the chunks. Don't know, probably not a lot, other than the charge to make it worthwhile to even show up at your house. Perhaps less if you demount it and bring it to them. I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them if they do, ...

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