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Scribe it. Use a compass (or a stick with a pencil attached to it) set to the widest gap - run the compass or stick-with-pencil along the wall, marking the countertop a set distance out from the wall. Cut along the line - if done carefully, the wavy edge of the countertop should now fit the wavy wall precisely.


This rough-cut stone backsplash is pretty popular these days and is super easy to install (just did our kitchen with a similar product). It can be bonded right to the sheetrock. It should be thick enough to hide your gap. If you need it a bit thicker, you can screw some backer-board to the wall and bond to that. If it's your style, go for it.


You need to plane your bench top in to fit. Then you will be able to push it back. Then check if you have the same over hang from cupboards to bench top. If it's a little bit out don't worry about it as long as it looks ok. (can't get perfect with old kitchen) Then if there is still a small gap you need to fill it with no more gaps / silicone. Need ...


If the walls aren't square, I bet the cabinets aren't square as well. And nothing says your counter top has to be square as well. The best way to hide out of square rooms is to try and match the existing angles. In this case you will need to make the miter cut a little bit off 45, probably 44. A small angle change can make a huge difference when getting ...

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