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If the lines are the same temperature, that means they're at the same pressure. Which is normal when the system is not running. Once the system starts, the pressure in one line should go up, while the other goes down. Since the pressures in your system are basically equal, I'd say the refrigerant is low. You can verify this be connecting a set of gages ...


I think I'd suggest looking for alternatives which don't involve that window well. Perhaps a ducted A/C would let you install the ducts through the wall above the sill (as you would a dryer's output).


You would be far better off building a roof type structure over the window well that is well above the window well and projects far enough out around the edges of the well that rain water does not enter the well. Trying to jury rig a scheme to keep an existing lid open "just enough" sounds like a recipe waiting for disaster. Either it will be left closed ...

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