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Mine are perfectly square and painted black. I have one which protects the water heater and one on the other side protecting the furnace. I am sure code requires them, as I do not believe a builder would add anything that is not required. Just slap some paint on it to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.


I'm not sure on the overall design, but I will comment on the hardware. Anything made from plain steel is going to rust, sooner or later. Hot-dip galvanization reduces that, but won't eliminate it. Galvanized hardware will rust, especially if submerged. Holding up to periodic rain is one thing; full submersion is a whole different situation. Better ...


Your idea may work in the short term, but over time the waves will rip that apart. The other thing is that plywood in water won't last long either, even marine treated plywood is not designed to be submerged. Here is what I did on our dock and above ground pool to allow our dog access. Be sure to use pressure treated wood. The step allows the dog to swim ...

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