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Void spaces are frequently used for utilities, it could be accumulated condensation. Leave it be and see if more water comes out to find out if it's an active leak. I hope you did not drill through an HVAC line or drain line.


Most US building codes require forces to be calculated in accordance with ASCE-7: Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. Some may offer prescriptive design requirements, these tend not to include proprietary engineered products such as specific Simpson Anchors. The Simpson H2.5A can make framing easier. However, it may or may not be ...


The answer ultimately depends upon your local climate/weather (heavy wind loading?), but generally the way to handle that situation is to span the joists at the top plate with a "rim joist", then toenail all the joists to the top plate. BTW... you might want your top plate to extend over the top of that corner post instead of nailing to its side. ...

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