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What you really need is a dehumidifier, foam insulation on the inside will help but the window will probably still sweat as long as your humidity is high with cold weather. whatever you do don't block the outside weep drains at the bottom of your windows or the tracks may fill with water and possibly freeze solid on really cold days. They make plug in ...


Just a thought that maybe the ducts could be replaced with PVC instead of metal. Moisture seems to condense on cold steel much easier than plastic. The other thought is to make sure exhaust fan ducts run vertical for a short distance and then run downhill to their terminus at the eave. Try to keep the vertical to a minimum. Exhausting into the attic is ...


You have my sympathy for your situation. Is it possible that exterior air is traveling upstream the vent pipe to the affected exhausts? If so, a well functioning flapper valve at the exterior port should stop it. I looked briefly and found this which is intended for marine motor exhaust, but it certainly should do the trick.


I read on another site a successful solution for heating the tank was to use an aquarium heater.

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