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You will need a specialty insulation blower and not the one you find at home depot or lowes. You would drill holes at the top of the cavity and blow in your insulation being careful not to overfill and blow the dry wall out. The process is slow and time consuming but can save you a lot of money especially if your walls are not insulated.


This sounds like a good candidate for the procedure you outline, done with loose fill cellulose insulation, with two caveats. First of all, while this could conceivably be a DIY project, you can't rent a typical cellulose blower from Home Depot or the like because it doesn't have the power to really densely pack the stuff in there; as a result, the material ...


Cool temperatures and moisture will affect dry time of latex (water based) paints. A fan heater should help with that. If you are using alkyd (oil-based) paint, cool temps will have the same effect and the heater will help with that; moisture may ruin the paint as it might curdle or wrinkle. Due to VOC content restrictions, solvents which aid drying are ...

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