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A third possible (but unlikely) source of the water in your attic: There's no cap on the roof vent in your picture. So any rain that hits the open end will run down inside the vent line to the drain. In the process it could collect in any horizontal runs that aren't sloped correctly. Add sloppy glue on joints "that only carry gases" and you've got a time ...


I went up onto the roof and looked at the vents. The rubber around the pipe was cracked with large gaps on both. I added outdoor rated caulking to reseal them. Edit - We had a good rain yesterday (3in + with periods of heavy downpour as well as gentle soaking). I had placed some plastic sheeting under the vent in the attic above the bathroom. The ...


Had same problem this winter, heat man installed vent in plentium to blow on drain pipe. Installed T joint above drain end so if freeze occurs it would drain in crawl space.seems to have worked well !!Open or close vent as needed.


Condensing furnaces are designed to be installed ONLY IN A CONDITIONED SPACE. Whoever installed one in an attic might need to get qualified to do heating work. Get the specific manual for the unit and see if there was something special that was supposed to be done to allow for that unit to be installed where it was subject to freezing temps. Again, the ...

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