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Although I commented above that it would be good to hire a qualified person, there are a few things a skilled DIY'er could do in this case. Make sure the main disconnect is off before doing anything. The most common causes for high head pressure are (a) dirty evaporator coils and (b) a poorly functioning condenser fan. From the photo it looks like that ...


That could be either a high, or low pressure switch. Without more information on the unit, its hard to say for sure which. A high pressure switch usually opens if the coils are dirty or fan is dead. Basically not enough air flowing through the system, so not enough heat is removed. Low pressure switches will open if the refrigerant level is low. Check ...


I am not a HVAC tech but I do believe that is a high pressure switch that is tripping and there could be a couple of things going on with your unit. It is tripping to protect the compressor and fan from faulting. I would suggest calling a HVAC company to come take a look.

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