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I was aware of four-inch extension rings but the ones I found attached in place of the mud ring. Fortunately someone pointed me to the existence of extension rings that attach to the mud ring. They're listed as attaching directly to a switch box.


I'm not sure for a specfically "2-gang" box. These are made for 4" and 4-11/16 and octagon boxes: and there are 1-gang "handy-box" covers with a knock-out as well. A 4" box will take 2 devices, but some 4" boxes are set up with tabs for the devices, while others are set up with corner screws like this plate uses and need a cover to hold devices in place.


As long as you purge the tank until the moisture out you should be fine. I maintain some big compressors 150-200 hp that all push up into a separator tank to make sure any oil is removed from the water then the oil drains back to the compressor and this is a commercial setup. I am guessing you have a manual valve, when there is very little water vapor coming ...

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