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Sounds like contactor chatter. Could be a bad contactor, or not enough power on the coil. Basically, the contactor is closing and opening really quickly. This happens when the coil doesn't create a strong enough magnetic field to hold the contactor closed. Depending on the cost of a new contactor, I'd probably just pop in a new one. If it doesn't fix the ...


This is the same thing that happens when you use an extension cord of insufficient gauge to power a compressor, as you say, it's insufficient power. Of course, it will try to pull sufficient power, and if it succeeds, probably light the extension cord on fire.


Seems normal from what I have read Hope my math is correct: I have a 20yr old 23.3cuft GE side-by-side refrig that runs 45% duty cycle (18min on, 22min off or 18/(18+22) = 18/40 = 45%, after refrig door has been closed for >8hrs. With the current rating of 11.6 amps at 110v so this is ~.547kw/hr (110v*11.6*.45) guessing off the top of my head newer ...


Rubber (better, usually) or plastic tubing on a barbed joint is not a suitable place for any sort of sealant, and none should be required. If the tubing is cracked, either cut off enough tubing to remove the cracked end (if it's just at the end) or replace it. Otherwise, push the tubing fully onto the barbed fitting and tighten the clamp(s) - in some ...

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