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Yes, it's more than possible to have a vanity be taller than 30". Depending on your height, most people would find a taller vanity to be more comfortable. The standard height of a bathroom vanity is 32" but comfort height vanities are raised by 4" for a total height of 36". ...


If you don't want to build proper concrete footings, then do not attach it to your house. It should be free-standing. If it will not be higher than 3 feet at any point, then a free standing deck on gravel base like your neighbour's would in most cases be perfectly fine.


It should work but keep in mind that if there is any failure and someone gets injured, things could get ugly pretty quickly. Like you said it's not going to be to code. I've seen multiple decks and other grade level projects using the linked blocks or ones poured by hand as footing. Always best to put some non-degradable structure or material under the ...


You will have a more stable deck if you go 48" into the ground. This will significantly reduce the stress on the house and deck at the ledger board. In my deck experience (I used to rebuild decks) I would rather have a pier in the ground. In some of the estimates the ground goes through 1,000 freeze thaw cycles in a hard winter here in the Midwest. That ...

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