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If you want to "get rid of the shiny look" why would apply lacquer at all? Shiny is what lacquer does. If the only issue you have with the lacquer is that it's shiny, all you may need to do is rub the doors down with steel wool or Scotchbrite® (generically, non-woven abrasive pads) to take the shine off. But don't apply more lacquer if you don't want it to ...


Personally, I would use a card scraper to remove the finish. These inexpensive tools can remove thin shavings pretty easily, and leave a very smooth surface. The technique is not difficult, but there is a small learning curve. I recommend buying one at a woodworking store where a salesperson can show you how to use it, and maybe practice on a scrap to make ...


The height sounds like it is framed out at 80", a standard height for a sliding door. Why not get stock 80x48 and 80x72 doors and let the front one overhang the back by a few extra inches?


In my area it is common in rental units to install panel doors in lieu of mirrored doors. We buy the mirrored door track, frame, roller, and hardware kits but with no mirrors. They call it a "knock-down" kit. We then cut wood or composite panels to fit where the glass would go. The manufacturer even gave us a table with net mirror glass dimensions, to use ...

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