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I would buy a couple of 1x2/3s (whatever you think looks nicer) and attach them vertically on the wall with wood glue (use some duct tape to hold it down while drying). Then screw and install into those.


I did this once when I lived in an apartment and could not modify anything. Since I had metal working and welding experience, I created a steel frame using 1 inch angle steel. Basically, it was a 'table' that stood inside the closet and it's dimensions where precisely the inside dimensions of the closet; ie; the legs were flush against the walls of the ...


How easy this project is, will depend on the underlying framing. There's two ways these corners could have been framed. Side walls to the end This will make what you want to do fairly easy. Top down view of the framing End walls to the side This is the more likely of the two. Which means you'll either have to build out the corner, or lose 3 1/2" ...


If you want to do it then you can do it! For professional results a cabinet builder will be the right person to give you ideas and an estimate. For DIY you could measure the clear opening height, width, and depth you will be left with once you remove the header and front returns (side walls) and research pre-built options that will fit. I am not a huge fan ...

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