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Although it's rare, it could be that the Kitchen Vent pipe is clogged, thus causing slow draingage, or now drainage. Could be that leaves have collected there, or bugs have built a next. Google "Kitchen Vent Pipe Clogged" and see if the articles there are helpful.


It it is a new build, then removing the trap under the sink will not be an issue. Just loosen the nuts, remove the trap (have a pan underneath) and then clean the trap. This is most likely the source of the slow draining. If the trap looks clean, then get a hand auger (snake) to clean the drain line. It is best to do this with the trap out. Hand augers ...


If the soap doesn't work, I'd go with a drain zip before going to a snake. There are a lot of brands, burt basically a drain zip is a three dollar, 2.5 foot (3/4 meter) long flat, bendy piece of plastic, with plastic barbs along the sides. It's great for getting hairballs out of the shower drain, and should bend its way quite nicely through the toilet to the ...


You have a 3-year old (deep sigh) - odds are pretty good it's not a 2-week old subscription card (ought to be pretty much mush by now) but some other object likely flushed more recently. My slow-toilet (unreliable) magic trick is dishwashing liquid, which sometimes (but not always) lubricates things enough to make plunging far more effective. Just a little ...

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