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That appears to be Corian (or something similar). You can find cleaning and repair guides on the DuPont website. These counter tops are not horribly heat resistant (as you found out), and can discolor or even melt it enough heat is applied. I've heard that letting baking soda sit on the stain for a while will remove some discolorations, but I've never ...


Dish soap and a j-cloth worked well to remove egg that was 2 days old from vinyl siding.


Dawn is primarily sodium lauryl sulfate (or sodium dodecyl sulfate), which is used in darn near every other soap containing product, including shampoo and toothpaste. It is a pretty good skin irritant, especially when dry, but....if you can wash your hair with it, I wouldn't worry about a tiny little bit left over in your oven. As someone else pointed ...


I use Coke in a spray bottle. It works surprisingly well. Just make sure you soak the hell out of it.

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