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As someone who is a student of chemistry, I would say that lye is not toxic, it's caustic. In fact, it's less toxic than Tylenol, mg for mg. This doesn't mean it isn't dangerous; concentrated sodium hydroxide is quite hazardous, but is safe to dispose of by rinsing with plenty of water (you can't overdo it). Sodium hydroxide breaks up organic matter by ...


In fact, you can clear these windows up. If its regular glass, two small holes are drilled and a cleaning solution (which need not be toxic) injected. If it is tempered glass, the same procedure is possible if the glass seal can be reached for drilling (this is possible for most windows that can open and close: they'd get drilled from an edge). Check the ...


Goof Off or WD-40 works great! Available at any hardware or grocery store.


you can drill holes in glass with the right bit for a standard drill. make a 1/4" hole @ the top inside of your window. make a 2nd hole @ the bottom diagonally on the outside. attach a tube to the bottom hole so it will drain the contents of the window into a bucket. now the dangerous part. get hydrofluoric acid @ 1% or less. fill window and let sit for 1 ...


Using a Dyson, vacuum the wall.


I have had the same problem with vinyl frame windows. There is nothing you can do except replace the window. With vinyl windows, you can usually replace the entire sash quite easily. Contact the manufacturer or the contractor that did the orignal install. Most manufacturers offer a warranty against fogging for a certain number of years, so be sure to check ...


No. You're limited by what you can do from the outside, and obviously that's not much. Energy efficiency is only slightly reduced in such cases, as airflow into and out of the compartment between panes is minimal, but the aesthetic problem will only get worse. Chances are you can replace just the sash, which might cost about half of what a new window ...


Best answer.....use an arched back black scraper with a utility blade. Set it down on the floor and scrape with the grain of the wood. Do not dig or gouge. You will remove 90 % of the mess. Now the fun part. Clean rags, goof off type hand cleaner that is slightly abrasive. It will take the residue off almost instantly with just medium pressure. Work in a ...


I have been looking for years looking for something to get rid of and keep away white leaching from my bricks, fianlly something has worked....vegetable oil.


1- Cut them down & haul the corpses away. But, the Governing Body may limit how much you can clear & your Architect or Builder will have other requirements. 2- Yes, the Contractor is there to do whatever it takes to get your money, he'll Sub-Contract the tree removal out to an experienced guy or firm. 3- Electricity, Septic System, Heating Oil or ...


Squirrels are like nut vultures. If you hang a feeder with peanuts and corn and set a salt lick up on a post, you will have a good supply of squirrels to combat the walnut problem for you.

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