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Depending on the type of hinges, since they are plain doors, you may be able to flip them (current outside becomes the inside). At that point you should have pretty untouched surfaces to work with and they are likely some sort of uncoated wood (that it sounds like you are used to dealing with).


Instead of painting, another possibility is to resurface with a new material. You could use adhesive sheet melamine, which probably would be best for general wear and tear. If you dig a more modern look, a thin aluminum sheet (or brushed steel) would also fit in with some kitchen types. In any case, you would need to take the doors off, remove the knobs, ...


I would try to dig a flat spot for each leg of the ladder, but if landscaping does not allow, then attach a sturdy rope to the base of the ladder and then to something sturdy on the house at ground level. That way if the ground does give way under the ladder base, the ropes will keep the ladder from continuing to slide down the hill. Consider two ropes in ...


If it is only nails, pull them out with a crowbar or break them off and set them. If it is only dirt, a power washer will get them clean. Be careful how strong the power washer is, it will cut into the wood and damage it, if held in one place too long. Do not use wood with any rot. Cut it shorter so there is no rot or do as Mazura suggests. He has good ...


You have a pile of wood that needs to be turned back into lumber. As they are to be structural, the beams should be resawn until there are no "rough bits" left. Digging the rot out of a beam makes that beam no thicker than its narrowest point; a weak link. The whole beam should be resawn to its narrowest dimension where there's rot. Effectively, that's how ...


I have found that many times the paint sits up on the nap of the carpet. Simply snipping of the paint leaves the rug like new!

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