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I recently replaced doors and drawers fronts in my kitchen for much the same reason. Given not wanting to replace the doors and the smooth face, I'd suggest painting a base coat, and then attempting to paint some sort of design on each door. I would fail miserably at this, I already know, but you might be able to pull it off - maybe airbrush some vertical ...


Adding on, you can do the enzyme cleaner already mentioned (and the kind for laundry has always worked just as well for me) then the next day put baking soda & vacuum it off Source: my ADD medication has a side effect of making me really good at cleaning, so friends & relatives are always hitting me up for problems like this.


Please know that these kinds of brushes throw spatter everywhere. If you've just poured Drano down the drain and then hit it with a bottle brush, you'll be throwing tiny drops of corrosive, eye-damaging liquid around the bathroom. It's not pleasant, but the most effective solution I've always found is just to remove the trap. It's usually one or two ...


Royal purple is the best. This is a magical product that actually consumes the oil with enzymes, and is environmentally friendly. Hands down the best stuff for cleaning oil off a driveway. Spray on oil stain let sit for 30 minutes hose down and the stain is gone.


I know the question was in regards to pressure washers, but to help visualize the amount of force involved from a human perspective, let's just model the human body roughly as a 2 foot by 6 foot rectangle laying on the ground. That puts your surface area at 24in x 72in = 1728 square inches. If the atmosphere were pushing down on you with 4000 pounds on ...


4000 PSI is too much or a shitload of pressure. I would never use it on high on anything that I was cleaning at a home. Even brick work could get damaged of up close 4000 PSI. Probably the only thing I would use it for is cleaning my driveway but even then I would probably use a fan nozzle. 4000 PSI would just rip the paint off a home - one with a really ...


Wolfram Alpha says 4000 psi is: ~~ 0.33 × pressure at the bottom of the Mariana Trench (~~ 8338 dbar ) ~~ 0.5 × pressure at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean (depth 5.5 km) (~~ 6×10^7 Pa ) ~~ pressure of a typical aluminum scuba tank (~~ 20 MPa )


224 x 10^6 Hundredweight per acre.


As mentioned above, if you could fit two tons on a 1" square, that's what it would be. Since you mentioned pressure washers, I'll throw in a few other observations. Many electric models will do no more than 2000 PSI. Some gas-engine models can exceed 4,000 PSI. Pressures as low as 1000 PSI can still cause damage or personal injury, so be careful. If you're ...


Take a moderately average car, such as a Honda Civic - roughly 3000 lbs (depending on options, year, etc) Balance it on a US Quarter (0.955 inch diameter, 0.716 square inches) Or: Stick to quarters. Per US Mint specs, a quarter (at least a new, unworn one) has a mass of 5.67 grams, and so long as we are on Earth that's equivalent to 0.01250021026674 lbs. ...


Additional examples that might make it more intuitive to understand from a scuba diving perspective. Air pressure is commonly measured in bar. Air pressure (at sea level) is about 14.7 PSI or 1 bar. So the pressure exerted by all the air around you is 14.7 pounds per square inch. As a general rule of thumb the pressure in bars increases by 1 for every ...


4000 PSI is exactly how much pressure it is. PSI = Pounds per Square Inch. I'm not really sure what kind of example you are looking for. PSI is a general unit that depends on context to determine if a given value is too much or not enough. Since you ask for examples though: A typical air compressor for powering air tools runs up to 140 PSI. Water pressure ...


A "stirrup hoe" or one of the ones with a very narrow blade tapering to a point could work. I've got a tool that I generally call my "grub hoe" because it looks somewhat like the ones used by forest fire crews. It has a narrow hoe blade on one side, almost like an adze (except I wouldn't use it for shaping logs), and a three-tine rake on the other side. ...


The answer was: Use an Affresh tablet once in a while. Wipe down the bottom of the door periodically. (In other words, give up and move on with life.)

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