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Most consumer appliances are made to plug into a standard 15A outlet. Your wire (14/2) and breaker (15A) are both suited for this, and your grill uses (1650w / 120v = ) 13.75 Amps. That all checks out. GFCI outlets are required in exterior/wet locations, and a weather proof box is a good idea, so you have the right plan there as well. I think the only ...


You can use most types of conduit outdoors, though some will require liquidtight fittings. Cost wise, and due to the ease of use, I'd recommend schedule 80 PVC conduit. As long as you use the proper size conduit and boxes, you can indeed run all the circuits through the same conduit. If you used 14 AWG THWN conductors (15 ampere circuit), you could ...


Update the panel, it needs it.... An electrician needs to do this. The breaker simply cannot be changed out to a higher rated breaker, the wiring has to support it too. This is what a qualified electrician can do. The electrician can tell you if it is possible for it to be done with your existing wiring.


No problem at all, that's exactly how it should be done.

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