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First things first: What country are you in? In the first image along the top of that terminal block you can clearly read "earth-N-3-2-1". The second image shows the wiring diagram of how to connect to these quick-wire terminal holes. Blue = Neutral Brown = Live Green/Yel = Earth Unfortunately I have no idea what the two black wires are. What is on the ...


Your first picture shows a diagram on the junction box, where two screwdrivers are prying in certain spots to get it open.


Using Table 8 in chapter 9 of the NEC along with Ohm's Law (the max drop generally permitted by good practice on a branch circuit is 5% or 6V on a 120V circuit) gets you a minimum wire size of 6AWG in copper or 4AWG in aluminum. Considering that 6/2 UF is $3.00 a foot at the blue borg and 14/3 UF is $0.87 a foot at the blue borg, the transformer idea looks ...


You could consider distributing 240V to the barn. At the barn, use a 240-120V isolating transformer. Halving the current eliminates 3/4 of the power loss. without much complexity. In the UK these transformers are commonly available, so reasonably priced - usually in tough yellow waterproof enclosures, used on hazardous environments like building sites. This ...

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