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First, you can only connect one wire to a screw. If you need to connect multiple, then you create a pigtail by cutting a short piece of wire and attaching one end to the screw, and the other end is connected to the other wires with a wire nut. Second, you need to figure out which cable provides the power to the box. Most likely it is the cable without the ...


If the membrane buttons are on the circuit board, a new one might fix it. On the other hand it's an electronic device that's 19 years old. Assuming you can even get a replacement part, it will probably cost a significant percentage of just replacing the whole thing with a new unit (and typically the new unit will have a warranty period, while a replacement ...


I would say that this is a sign the wiring itself has been damaged internally and is shorting or grounding out, which is what is causing the repetitive trips. I'd check in particular at where the wires enter the floodlight junction box -- the whack to the floodlight could have finished off abrasion-weakened wire insulation and created a short to ground.

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