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The short answer is that the breaker protects the wire (otherwise, heat and fire can result). You can put a 20A breaker on a circuit if all the wire on the circuit is #12. If any of the wire is #14 you can put a 15A breaker on it. If any of the wire in the circuit is smaller than #14, then you cannot put a 15A breaker on it.


Your question is so general that it can only be answered in generalities. Assuming you are referring to lights that are turned on at specific times, there are several methods. You can use a purely mechanical timer with cams that turn on switches that, then, turn on lights. One step up is an electrical timer run by a synchronous motor that also turns on ...


Orision, My take on this is that you understand what you want pretty well, and understand electricity only at a very surface level. That's not a great mix. My suggestion would be for you to do some googling on home automation products and see if you can come up with a way to set up a system that accomplishes this with off the shelf home automation products ...


Your first picture shows a diagram on the junction box, where two screwdrivers are prying in certain spots to get it open.

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