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I'm about to do this on my bus stove pipe. Copper is an excellent heat transfer material. It does become annealed at around 800 °F. However, this is far from the standard stove pipe temperature. Don't let people ruin your vision of what is safe and what isn't. Building codes are written to protect people from themselves and shady contractors, and to ...


Flue cap is not waterproof, especially in wind. I am talking from experience. We have two chimneys, one with regular flue cap: and the other with a directionalflue cap similar to this: From my experience, the directional version works much better, but requires some maintenance, like occasional lubricating (like once a year is more than enough).


It sounds like your chimney cap top might have flew off for that much water to come in. Mine just a few months ago and I had to secure it with extra screws. I would check that first. If it is only coming inside the chimney it really has to be top of the cap or that you need caulking around the base of your cap.


I have run into what might be the same situation. The chimney on our house looks to be about 30 years old. The previous owner had a wood stove sitting in front of the finished wall with the vent pipe running through the finished wall into the chimney. We did tear down the plaster in front of the chimney hoping there was a fireplace. What we found was only a ...

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