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I suggest going to an otolaryngologist to get a diagnosis. It may be allergies, or it may just be something else that coincides with your move. If it's allergies, you can get tested and get a better idea of what specific environmental factors may be causing your symptoms. Have you tried taking over-the-counter allergy medicine to see if it helps?


One has to think, why the symptoms come at night and aren't present at noon. If your carpet produces allergens, the symptoms usually will be present around the clock. Assuming an allergic reaction, there are unfortunately two possible cases: an immediate reaction to the allergens and a delayed one. The delayed reaction can happen up to 12 hours after contact ...


What you seek is a non polar organic solvent. WD-40 is a good stand in, but even better would be xylenes which are usually available at hardware stores (that's basically what goof off is). Really though, any non-polar solvent will work, mineral spirits, turpentine, brake cleaner, gasoline, diesel, tiki touch fuel, ether, THF, or melted lard. The more ...

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