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I would recommend heavy duty constructive adhesive followed by grout colored caulk that best matche the grout around the tiles to minimize cost and work I would risk using the caulk as glue try to remove the old adhesive clean back of tile and wall well put a lot of construction adhesive on the back of ...


Get a fine sander/ grinder. Carefully remove adhesive from back of tile. Apply tile adhesive (available from hardware store) to the back of the tile. Put the tile back where it fell from. Hold the tile until you can remove your hand without it falling off or you can put something heavy against it to hold it in place.


your prep seems fine. probably great. i would do the following: 1) fiberglass backer mesh on all surfaces. since its concrete, probably a 2 oz is fine. your fiber admixture makes the slab stronger, but a layer of sub-mortar mesh ensures that the tiles move together if the slab moves or cracks. this way you have less chance of tile breakage. 2) use a ...

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