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I have tiled my own floors, ran base, wood and tile in one room or another. I have also flushed toilets and had them overflow. The construction of wood framed homes inherently allows for water which naturally seeks the lowest point will find the gaps at the plate line to the underlayment, (and tile!!) all around the perimeter of any bath. To me that has a ...


You can find a lot of valuable information on tiling information at The Floor Elf He has a summary on grout vs. caulk. The term he uses is "changes in plain" and makes good arguments for using caulk. Since you will be putting down baseboard it wont really be seen so finding a perfect match in color is not an issue. Here is a summary from the article at: ...


If all interior walls or, if insulated exterior walls,no need to fill gap with anything. Just get your baseboard moldings up to finish the job


I would recommend leaving the tile in place (if it is aesthetically acceptable) in case you (or a future owner) ever want to change back to a traditional vent hood; the micros do not last forever either, a future change of style or brand will likely be a different size.

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