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It is ok to change it into a ring and add a spur or socket onto this ring. There is nothing in the regs forbidding it however if your outdoor circuit develops a fault your going to loose your heating. It's also advisable to put it onto an RCBO as opposed to RCD


This could also be caused if your thermostat is in the warmest room of the house. Or if the thermostat is constantly near warm objects like electronics or even people. When it is really cold outside those heat sources are less effective at influencing the thermostat.


Just a guess, but the colder it gets the longer the boiler cycles and the hotter the delivery water temperature gets so therefore the radiators get hotter before the thermostat shuts the boiler off. In moderate temperatures, the thermostat shuts the boiler off before it gets very warm and so your radiators are barely above room temperature. Check to see if ...

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