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To add to this answer, air conditioners, motors and welders follow different rules than what is considered conventional. The MCA (minimum circuit ampacity) is what you size your wire by. The maximum/minimum fuse or breaker is what you can size your overcurrent (fuses or circuit breakers) by. So this unit, having a 19A MCA, can be wired with #12cu wire, ...


The text Volts 208/230 Phase 1 means the device will run on either 208 volts or 230 volts (which is nominally 240 volts). In the amps section, the separated numbers (which are the same) are the corresponding value for operation on 208 or 230 volts, respectively.


Check your drain lines for water run off. Make sure they are clear and then check the float for the excess water shut down reset them


We had the same problem in our house, and we've simply lived with it - having had HVAC companies come out and inspect or evaluate it. They all said the system was in good working order, and was appropriately sized for our house. This year we replaced 3 windows and a doorwall in the first floor of the house, and suddenly we can not only maintain a ...


Using a larger ground conductor is fine. Using a smaller gauge wire for grounding was common in the past, but not correct anymore. The grounding conductor should be at least as large as the other conductors.


You are correct the refrigerant is not a consumable. If a system is low on refrigerant, then it has a leak. The technician should have a "sniffer" tool that can detect refrigerant leaks. If they didn't use it last time, then they were irresponsible. Also, refrigerant is expensive so that attitude of "if it gets low again then we know you have a leak" is ...


I have a ruud rheem heat pump, I had this same issue. The unit was installed in 2006. After going through the typical steps of checking air filters and electrical components on the unit, I found the wiring from the thermostat for the blower control to the control board was rusted in the wire nut. I cut the wires and stripped them back and reconnected the ...

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