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If you consider using CFLs make sure you use dimmable ones if the light in the fan is on a dimmer circuit. Note that some CFL bulbs that are listed as dimmable do not work well on some dimmer circuits (flicker). Hit and miss sometimes.


What was there before? By the colors you describe, I suspect there was a hard wired smoke detector there, the smaller orange wire is daisy chained to all detectors so if one detects smoke/Co/extreme heat, all detectors go into alarm mode. If you removed a smoke detector, you have violated local codes!


The problem with the light in the new fan/light combo is almost certainly an intermittent connection in the fan unit. Often these units come with two sets of wires (one for light and one for fan) that you join together at the fixture for operation from a single switch. Your first point of investigation will be to lower the fixture and check that the ...


You would appear to have the lights connected to BOTH the dimmer and the fan switch. Presumably this means that things are not really wired the way they were before. You'll need to figure out where this happened and correct it; it's difficult to speculate from afar, but when you get beyond what you can sort out yourself, call in a pro.

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