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Could you rig lights on the fan? Sure, though powering and balancing them is a challenge. Should you? Probably not for this purpose. At the slowest speed, fan blades are moving fast enough that you'd probably just see rings of light, except when your eyes are moving or you blink to "strobe" it. Some amusing things could be done with that -- websearch ...


Maybe you would be better off just getting a lighted mobile. Leave the fan alone. Just a thought. 😉


First check to see if the new bracket actually fits in the hole for the electrical box, not including the fact that the screws don't line up. Second, it would be better to replace the box with one that is fan rated, but assuming that you don't care about this: You can either attack the old bracket with a hack saw or buy 2 pieces of 1" x 1/2" x 1/16th metal ...


If your box is that small it is almost certain that it is not a fan rated box. If it is not, then the box MUST be replaced with a fan rated box. Sorry, but even with approval, someone unlicensed, uninsured, and unqualified SHOULD NOT be doing electrical work in a place that they rent. This is a perfect example; something as "simple" as changing a ceiling ...


Well, no more low speed for you; it's (halfway) burnt out. Unless of course you have a three speed fan switch on the wall and you have the fan itself on low, causing a double 'dimmer' situation.


I can think of a number issues that may be affecting the low speed. Is your mains voltage a little low? A low voltage could keep the motor from generating enough torque to overcome the bearing friction. Is this an old fan that has seen a lot of usage? It could be that the bearings are worn or need lubrication. Is the fan fully balanced? Even a little ...

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