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Likely so, yes. A loose connection is quite dangerous- you could be getting arcs, which can start fires. I would recommend against using the fan until you can check the connections. More and more state and local electrical codes are requiring arc fault circuit interrupt breakers. While they're more expensive, they really do work to prevent fires.


Sounds okay to me. I'm guessing one cable is the feed to the box, another goes to the switch, and the final cable goes off to some other part of the circuit. The black wire in the cable going to the switch, is connected to the black feed wire. The white wire in the cable going to the switch, brings switched power back to the fixture. Since the cable only ...


It is a bit dependant on the exact internals what is the exact cause, but the most likely one is that the system to switch the light on and off uses an electronic element called a Triac. If it can also be dimmed this is very probable even. It is potentially possible to burn out a Triac by suddenly switching on a load that's a bit over its limit. If the ...


Just connect the blue and black wires from the fan to the black wire in the box. Then white to white. Or add a damn remote.

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