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Late response, but posting this for people that happen to google the problem... was probably a bad fan motor capacitor. You can find a replacement for a few bucks on amazon.


Most bathroom ceiling vent fans are shaded pole motors and will not draw current anything like an AC three phase motor. Maybe search shaded pole motors and dimmer switches.


Removing the unit As for how to remove the entire fan, I have a fan with a similar canopy. There's a decorative cover ring at the bottom, that hides two screws. You should be able to pop the cover down, then undo the screws. Once the canopy is out of the way, you should have no problem removing the entire unit. To remove the decorative cover ring, you'll ...


Has anybody seen a ceiling fan like this? That looks like a Minka-Aire Acero F601-BS/BN 52-inch Brushed Nickel-Steel Indoor Ceiling Fan I'd like to either figure out how to change the bulb, The manual is available from their website. The glass shade twists off. or figure out how to just get rid of it entirely Turn the power off, cover the ...


I have found, in dealing with over a dozen fans in my three houses and my son's house, that wobble is a matter of your taste; if it is minor as you say. I had had several fans that refuse to balance no matter what I do or how long I work on them. One was on a four foot pole from a vaulted ceiling. Then I realized, or someone told me, that the reflection of ...


Get/use a balancing kit. An off balance fan shortens the life of the motor bearings, and if extreme, could pose risks if the mount is less than perfect. Also, a vibrating fan significantly shortens the life of attached light bulbs. The kits allow you to experiment with a temporary weight (the U shaped slide) before mounting permanent balance weights. It ...

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