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There is no difference between wood or vinyl. You insulate and caulk windows for insulation and to provide an airflow barrier. Almost all windows require caulking from the outside. If they weren't fitted and insulated well they may need caulk inside and out. Unless the window was sealed with a good amount of spray foam after (and most of the time this ...


You don't have to caulk something just because you normally caulk it. There is a reason why everything is done and learning this will save you time and money. Since you've had the home for a year already, I'd guess that you know if water leaks in or if you can feel drafts near them? If so, caulk it. If you have a reasonable doubt that they might not be ...


Yes, you can apply silicone over most other adhesives and caulks. It should bond well. Keep in mind that silicone isn't paintable, in case that's your end goal. Also, applying more caulk of any kind may make your bead more conspicuous, defeating the purpose of doing so (from an aesthetic perspective).


Any caulk will seal an area. I would refrain from using silicone, since it does not take paint. A decent grade painters caulk will do you very well and can be painted too when the color scheme needs to change. If you want, it is also available in clear. Typically it goes on white, then dries clear, and is water cleanup, another advantage of painters caulk ...

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