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Use an empty tube from your silicone, give it a spray inside so it doesn't stick to the inner tube so it doesn't pile up, squeeze the end of the tube to desired width of the seal and run it along it, best tip I can give amateurs, popstickle sticks leave to much of a mess


Appearance of this crack has nothing to do with foundation; it is something that you can see in many bathrooms. First check if both wall and bathtub are vertical, if they are not this crack will most likely appear from time to time (every year or so).Now, you can do one of two things: You can use silicone to glue it together. Keep in mind that silicone (or ...


You must first look inside yourself, Grasshopper. When is the time that which is still soft no longer welcomes the new into its grasp. Come to me when you have the answer, and we will find peace within you. Others have found the answer in GE Silicone II or similar. Look to the enormous orange beast to find samples on those backed with cardstock. All in ...

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