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You can purchase trim coil although it's a bit much to pay for a small piece. Ask neighbors or relatives if they have some lying around; if they've ever used it for an addition, or replacing windows or window trim, chances are they have some left over. You can also go to a big box store and look around in the siding area, you can get aluminum meant for ...


Since you don't particularly care about looks, all you will need to do is create a patch out of aluminum sheet metal and attach it to the siding. Start with a sheet of aluminum. A good source from this is from a roll of drip edge. Cut a square or rectangular piece out using tin snips, and make it slightly larger than the hole. You would want to make it ...


Aluminum foil tape will work in a pinch. It sticks better than cloth-based duct or gorilla tape.


Tape won't be enough. Critters will get through it pretty easily. I would cut a small patch from aluminum flashing, or preferably a spare piece of siding, and stick it on with epoxy (caulk will work too, but it won't be quite as durable as epoxy.)

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