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I agree that you have the wrong tub as Edwin points out and a half inch is way too big of a gap to caulk. I run across these issues a lot on flips. Putting in a tub is a pretty expensive job and could kill the tile job - that looks pretty good except for your issue. I would suggest a trim piece. They make plastic trim pieces that will handle this and you ...


It looks like this is a tub that is not meant for installation up against a wall. Though it's hard to tell from the photo. Looks like a drop-in tub. Tubs that are meant for installation along a wall have a flange (not a lip) that the backer board goes over. This is what actually keeps the water in the tub. If this is purely a drop-in, you'll want to ...


3M makes a caulking remover, it works pretty good- softens up caulking overnight. May damage the wall just as much as mechanical removal though.


Just peel or scape it off. Depending on what type of product was used, it might come off cleanly or it might not. Worst case is you will need to patch any damaged parts of the wall, prime and repaint (which you will need to do anyways!).

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