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I have seen framing installed over carpet several times. It worked well enough. In one commercial building, the landlord divided a large office space into a bunch of small offices by installing sheet metal framing and sheetrock without doing anything to the carpet. It was a commercial grade carpet with little padding and it compressed just fine when they ...


I think the big issue is the carpet. Keeping a padding and old carpet below 2x4 isn't something I would ever suggest but the chances are no one will ever know unless they take the wall out. Now the pad and carpet could make fastening the 2x4 to the concrete. That is something to think about. The most important thing is the carpet in the rooms. It was ...


Not only should you not nail over carpet for several reasons: As Ecnerwal said, it will look off If any water gets trapped in that carpet it will rot and stink There is an additional concern. You can't just nail down a 2x4 into concrete. Period. You need special equipment to secure a bottom plate to concrete. Typically it's done with a nailer that ...


No, I would not recommend nailing through carpet. Whether or not you prefer to, cutting the carpet and pad and removing them (under the wall) is the only right way to do this job. Baseboards on top of carpet will look like baseboards on top of carpet. If that's not how the rest of the baseboards are done, they will indeed look "off;" especially in the ...


If you are doing a lot of carpet/flooring work, get yourself a hooked flooring/carpet knife (any hardware store will have them). They have a large hooked blade and a good solid handle. Remember to keep body parts out of the "line of fire". #1 workplace injury: utility knife vs. body part.


Take a 2x4 or other long straight edge, and stand on it to compress the pad and stabilize it, then use your utility knife to cut it.


The answer to this was Acetone. Turns out the carpet was glued to the gripper rods in the corners and every 30 cm or so along the rod there was another spot of glue. No glue to the floorboards. Pouring acetone along the edge enabled me to lift the carpet fairly easily. It did cause some slight damage to the glue keeping the backing to the carpet and where ...


As soon as the spill occurs, generously pour water over the spill and use a shop vac to clean it all up. When I do this within a few minutes of spilling, the paint hasn't dried at all and it completely comes up with the first vacuuming. After 10–15 minutes, the edges have dried, but are still soft. Water + vacuum gets most of it, but some scrubbing ...


Try white vinegar. Then use hot water and dishwashing soap to remove the vinegar smell.


Perimeter drain to lower the water table and much cursing of the contractor that didn't properly provide under-slab drainage. Try having this in a 4,000 sq ft office space. It popped the tilework in the kitchen/eating area, rots the carpets if they put down those chair wheel protectors and creates a musty smell in the winter time.

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