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Dan, Here is a link to various studies about the use of carpets in homes www.hostdry.com › pdf › IAQ_research As you will find out after reading these articles carpets can serve as big filter systems, perhaps aiding in homes healthy environments - if taking appropiate steps to maintain them adequately. However if your concerns are related to an existing ...


I think you need to know what you're looking for. Testing for mold is about all you can do, without sending samples off to a lab. $200 (homeallergentesting.com) is an expensive way to be told: yes, you own a cat. If it's new carpet, it may still be offgassing. If it's old carpet, especially a previous owner's, toss it without a second thought. ...


Certainly you can and you should! If these look usable to your eye then use them! If you want an alternative to carpet think about vinyl. This material comes in so many styles and colors now from a wood look to stone or tile. And it will out last your kids as well!


Certainly, if they're in "decent enough condition". Which means they aren't showing any signs of mold and are still well fastened. And that the 'tacks' will still grab the new carpet properly (I've never seen any so mangled that this was a problem). Personal advice: whatever reason you took the old carpet out, will be the same reason you'll have to again. ...


One of the few medical sites I really trust on the web - Mayo Clinic Allergens: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/allergies/in-depth/allergy/art-20049365

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