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There are over 500 known VOCs and chemical odors associated with new carpets and new carpet odors. Typically if you do nothing the shelf life on off-gassing for a new carpet is ~ six month to a year. For a new baby or for anyone to have to breathe in this can be detrimental for their health.


Although it may be a tad more complicated than plastic or vinyl, I would go with metal. Milled door sills are often produced in 80-100cm lengths (approx. 3'), either with screw holes or simply to be glued in place. You would have to cut it into short lengths with slightly angled ends; in essence you will be constructing a polygon instead of a circle. With a ...


I have found that many times the paint sits up on the nap of the carpet. Simply snipping of the paint leaves the rug like new!


I would echo the responses above, that modifying a wall would be easier/better than modifying the stairs. Based on your drawings, you'd have to chop out about half of the staircase - a major effort. Staircases like that one are built as a unit, then dropped into their place between floors, so breaking them up into pieces and reassembling in place would be a ...


Yes, of course, but at what cost? It is probably easier to go through the wall at the bottom of the stairs in the unlikely event it is not load bearing. Either way, seems like a lot of work for a couch.


They are what is know to me as "housed stringers" the sides, have notches cut into them to allow the treads to set in the notches. The small vertical pieces in the corners are wedges driven in with glue to snug everything up tight to reduce or eliminate squeaks. To remove the treads, you would need to cut out the treads, and install new ones... Not what you ...

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