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Genesis 950 is the best thing I have ever found to remove paint stains from carpet. I have used it for this purpose on several occasions. I am a sloppy - SLOPPY - painter. I have little patience and tend to glob it on. This results in strands of paints or drops on the carpet. I had painted a carpeted A frame loft in an old cape cod. I was painting the A ...


The glue used by the floor covering industry to adhere carpet to a floor is one of the most tenacious, and laborious bonds to break. If you want to burn some calories grab some knee pads and a 6 inch floor scraper (and some extra blades). Use a sweeping arch to slice the residual adhesive from the floor. Or, if possible, rent a 17 inch floor scrubber/buffer ...


They make special screws just for your problem. After you screw it down they break off, leaving the screwed portion below the level of the carpet pad. Do an internet search.


I hired Lowes to replace the carpet in MB and LvRm about 375 square feet. This was several years back, but I believe it was the 40/40 weight. The one thing I did pay extra for was the thickest and densest padding they had. Not only did it make walking on the carpet a pleasure it will increase the longevity of the carpet. They did a fantastic quality job, ...


Even though the carpet has an attached underlay this will not keep the edges from fraying. You will need to have the edges finished. Your carpet will last longer and look better.


I've worked in the floor covering business for several years and here is a good quick way to remove glued carpet padding: after slicing the padding in half length-wise with a utility knife pull up as much as possible. Padding usually is made into 5 foot rolls. Halving it makes it slightly easier to pull up. The installer will normally apply the glue from a ...

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