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They chew, rather determinedly. Keeping them out when they want in is no small task, indeed. One approach with moderate success is to cover the opening with hardware cloth (heavy wire mesh) molded to fit and nailed carefully in place, and then spray foam. Board over the top if you like for appearances sake. The missing wood may well have been chewed away ...


The "mysteriously gigantic" nailers are probably 15 gauge trim nailers similar to this one: Sounds like the one that you have is a finish nailer, and is likely a smaller gauge and uses nails with smaller heads. Thus less driving power required and a smaller gun. A trim nailer will generally give you better holding power, but also higher possibility of ...


Plans for a screen door were published in the August 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal, if that helps at all. Try libraries and/or see if you can find someone who'd lend you their copy.


Interesting design. f I'm understanding it correctly I think it could work, but I would definitely use screws to secure your slide-in shelving and all the other joints. Pocket hole screws can be used if you are concerned about aesthetics. The weakest aspect is probably that it will be a little tippy sideways, depending on how you load it. A horizontal ...

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