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You will need all 8' material. The amount of waste you will have would be minimal Any of the numbers do not add up to 96". The stretchers will also work with 8" stock too, with little waste. There you will in essence be using 24" and 32 " lengths. Cut everything to a rough length, then set up jigs to make your repeat cuts.


I'm not sure how the originals did this, but as a DIY project, I'd get a large flat mounting surface like a finished grade sheet of plywood to handle the weight. Attach the plywood to the studs. For the blocks, I'd use something like MDF. The flat ones would just be a sheet or two of MDF. The larger boxes would be hollow with 4 sides cut of MDF and a cap on ...


Larger issue with foam products is that it's a huge fire hazard. Likely hollow wooden (thin plywood and wooden batten) construction. Masonite® (tempered hardboard) would be another suitable sheet material. Could be done in drywall if you were a masochist.

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