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You should not use two 3-way dimmers on the same lights. A 3-way dimmer can be used in combination with a 3-way switch, to have on/off/dim at one location and on/off at the other. But if you dim at two locations, rather than getting 0% to 100% dimming controllable from either end, you end up with a combination of the two dimmers' settings that may not make ...


In terms of getting AC power to an outdoor remote wireless access point - you don't need to. Most Internet router type products run on 12 volts DC. Code compliance is much easier with low voltage wiring, and there are lots of products specifically made to distribute 12V power outdoors, typically to pathway lighting, etc.


Be sure to use a shielded Cat5e or Cat6 cable, as Ubiquiti clearly specifies the use of shielded cable and connectors for outside access points. Conduit is not required if you use the correct type of cable. Ubiquiti would like to sell you ToughCable and connectors, but IMHO those are overpriced .vs. any other cable that meets the need (exterior and shielded)...


Ubiquity seems to make some good equipment with good range. I don't think a few feet will make much difference especially if you close to the house while accessing the WiFi. It is questionable it will be worth the effort and cost for weatherproof Cat6 cabling or conduit on the outside of the house. Not to mention the unaesthetic appearance of cabling on ...

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