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In addition to the other answers which correctly note that it is hard to block magnetism, it is a very bad idea to run power and data together because some unfortunate person in the future -- possibly a future version of yourself -- is someday going to try to hang a picture and drive a nail through the wire, just nicking both the data and power cables enough ...


That is an Erico MP1S bracket. Used for low voltage wiring, the tabs can be bent back and 3/4 conduit attached to it.


The bracket you have is meant to hold a finish wall plate over the opening that low voltage wiring can or will pass through. You can bend back the tabs you refer to, I presume it is to hold the cabling so it makes a better turn out through the face plate.


Well, the way I'd find it would be to get a wire tracer. These consist of a transmitter that hooks to one end of the wire to use it as an antenna, and a short-range (and sometimes directional) receiver which you can then use to find the wire emitting that signal. That will let you trace a wire through the wall's surface. (There are several variants of this, ...

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