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What you want is a infrared (IR) repeater. They sell them at most electronic stores and online. For your setup you might need to go with a wireless version. This is how they work. Near the TV you will put a small sensor to pickup the remote signals. The sensor will then transmit those signals via wire (or wireless) to an infrared light to repeat the ...


There are systems that mount various devices on the back of the TV either directly attached or by using the VESA plate. Some are device specific (eg. to support Apple Mac Mini) and some generic. Depending on what you need to support, you can also DIY the plate, they're not that hard to make. Alternatively you could run a long HDMI cable to wherever ...


I finally found out what those cables are. They are simply CAT 5 cables. They were used by the Frontier technician to install FiOS. The blue/yellow color is just to distinguish the cables.

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